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We couldn't agree more with our fellow blogger over at Punky's Picks, who has "nailed it" with her short, sweet list of the key, basic holistic health products every household should keep in stock and use daily.  I've tried everything on the list and swear by them as well, especially the Sovereign Silver.  I'd also throw Airborne and Cold Calm by Boiron into the mix for the wintertime, specifically to fight the onset of colds and flu!

See Punky's full list HERE!

Friday, December 6, 2013


Vocalist Kristin Amarie's stunning new album, Notes from a Journey (Amarie Music, 2013), is catching the ear of audiences world-wide, from her native Norway to the U.S. and beyond.  Amarie takes inspiration from her life as a global citizen, composing rich and cinematic pieces incorporating world influences, soaring vocals, and even lyrics by pianist and fiance' David Lanz. Below, an excerpt from a review by One World Radio founder and host, Steve Sheppard....

Another first for me, a review for a vocal based musician, but on an album with some very fine artists upon as well, such as David Lanz among others. Notes From A Journey will have many comparisons made on its style, but there is a certain worldly uniqueness about this release.

Starting with the powerful opening track First Light; recently there have been many artists who have used this title and have not totally grasped the concept or the opportunity on the subject matter, but here we see Amarie doing just that, a composition that builds in Arkenstone style and powerfully opens the petals of a new day. Trust me, try going up into the mountains just before sun up, and as the rays of Sol burst free from the shrouds of the night, crank this up full volume and see what reaction you have, dramatic I can guarantee.

Amore Eterno, is as smooth as silk, it’s as smooth as 1960’s film score from a Monte Carlo Michael Caine movie, its slides delicately across the palette of the musical mouth and grins from cheek to cheek with a certain ambience that only this song can do, a wistful and charming vocal from Amarie delivers a stunningly sensual performance on Amore Eterno.....

....Notes From A Journey is an album that everyone should spend time pursuing, it is a release of perfection and a slice of production genius and I personally have revelled in its majesty for the past forty minutes and loved every second of it, get this one in your music collection and your ears will love you forever.  

Find Steve's full review here, or listen to Kristin's Album Show interview with Chrissie! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

What to do in L.A. this Weekend

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 17th @ 3 p.m.

It's not often one enjoys a casual Sunday afternoon concert in L.A. featuring leading international female musicians jamming across genres from Contemporary Piano to New Age, Celtic, and World with a touch of Jazz. You can experience it for a song this weekend (free w/sugg. donation $15), at Hollywood Piano in Burbank, CA.  To reserve seats, email All ages welcome.

 An Afternoon with Fiona Joy Hawkins 

Special Guests Sapphron Obois on soprano sax, Sherry Finzer on alto flute, and fellow pianist Kori Linae Carothers.  

Friday, October 18, 2013


Invitation from Within 
Once again celebrating the mystical healing powers of the flute, Ann Licater—who masterfully performs on Native American, Native American-style, Silver and Alto Flutes and Peruvian Huaca—creates (or shall we say, channels from a place of transcendence) a melodically and rhythmically inventive, gloriously dreamy and soul soothing third solo album. True to its title, it draws our hearts as an Invitation from Within—an opportunity to explore our inner selves and come to a state of grace and deeper self-awareness on the wings of a lush and often magical musical journey. 
         Ann Licater
                  Photo by DArcy Allison Teasley
Many of these 12 tracks include beautiful and haunting harmonies provided by everything from Jeff Oster’s trumpet (the richly hypnotic “Cradle of Light”) to Ivar Lunde’s grand piano (which inhabits five of the songs), and the excellent percussionists Kathleen Farrell (hand held crystal bowls), David DiLullo (Peruvian Cajon) and Jason Introwitz (conga, steel tongue drum) add well placed bursts of primal magic. 
Yet by design, Licater’s soul centerpiece, the true focus, is on the shifts in consciousness that only her variety of lead flute lines can create. Invitation from Within brings the listener to a place he or she will long want to stay. It’s a musical triumph, but more importantly, a triumph for the soul.
                        – Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

ACTION MOVES PEOPLE: A Spoken Word & Music Album to Support Global Nonprofit MOVE THIS WORLD

sidebar image

Earlier this month, a group of Grammy Award-Winning producers and performers joined together to release an inspirational charity album ACTION MOVES PEOPLE to benefit the non-profit organization MOVE THIS WORLDa global nonprofit that uses creative movement to address and transform conflict and violence in communities. All proceeds from the sales of this CD benefit the MOVE THIS WORLD charity.

ACTION MOVES PEOPLE is a collection of poems and songs for people of all ages. Some are gentle songs, others are edgier, a purposeful range in style in pursuit of conveying that we are all one people, regardless of race, religion, age and lifestyle; that we can all endure the challenges of life, uplift ourselves and one another, and help each other through life's easy and difficult moments. 

It's always interesting and inspiring to see who turns up to support on another on cause albums such as this one.  Here, the range is eclectic, and includes international artists John Wetton (Asia, King Crimson, UK), Japanese Progressive group Electric Asturias, renowned children's musician Bobby Susser and others coming together with luminaries like world-renowned author/researcher Colin Andrews. 

Recently, Heather Caton MSW, President of the World Genesis Foundation, said, “ACTION MOVES PEOPLE is a wonderful collaboration and has brought amazing hearts and minds together. May it continue to have such a positive and uplifting effect, bringing peace and connecting people. It is such an uplifting feeling to be connecting with more and more people who share the same vision of our world in harmony; of a peaceful co-existence with people from all walks of life, race, culture, religion, and lifestyle. Our connection with each other makes us stronger, we can make a world of difference working together." 
In partnership with schools, community-based organizations, families and corporations, MTW is building and connecting more peaceful communities with over 10,000 individuals across 22 cities and 4 continents.

The album, its content and mission, has been applauded by music luminaries such as Paul Simon, Billy Vera and Ben E. King. The producers on the project included Kevin Mackie, Krista Wallhagen, Whitney Peyton, Rave Tesar, Kevin Frank, and Bobby Susser. The album debuted on August 27th, 2013 through Kevin Mackie Productions and will be distributed via CD Baby, with proceeds going to MOVE THIS WORLD.
Regarding the album collaboration, Bobby Susser (an award-winning children's musician and lecturer who contributed to two pieces plus the liner notes) commented “I've worked for forty two years writing and recording children's songs. While I've tried to entertain them, I've always made a very conscious effort to teach them something. So, when Kevin Mackie asked me to write some lyrics and recite them for a Spoken Word album, "Action Moves People", I jumped at the chance. The fact that the album will benefit children has always been a philosophy of mine. In addition, the fact that this is a non-profit, charity project made it more appealing. I'm especially proud to have joined Kevin and his team in their production efforts on their very worthy album for a very worthy cause.”

Bobby Susser, producer, musician and lecturer, with his inspirational sidekick.
Susser’s reading of the spoken word piece he wrote for the album can be heard on his YouTube channel at  Just click to listen and explore more about MOVE THIS WORLD or ACTION MOVES PEOPLE.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Foodie Fridays

AH says "Oops, one last thing about this 'shroom...."
Key artwork for the ShroomGate incident in Arizona Highways

Here at BEING, we usually write about fun and tasty things to eat, but today's post is about what NOT to eat - the Fly Agaric Mushroom! Our FUNGI FRIDAY ALERT is specifically aimed at informing the 123,000 nationwide subscribers of Arizona Highways magazine who are about to receive the October issue containing an "okay" to eat a certain mushroom that can be psychotropic when consumed raw...a little fact they neglected to mention in its "Nature Factoid" article. Oops.

Most of us are taught from childhood on not to eat unidentified bugs or plants, especially mushrooms, unless you're with someone in the know...a mycologist, for instance, or your earthy Grandpa.  Even so, trusting the editorial advice of AH - a glossy nature, travel and photography magazine - the story might have caused an eager chef to toss the potentially trippy little mushroom into a gourmet slo-food salad, with unexpected (and possibly terrifying) results for the Ladies Who Lunch or, heaven forbid, the rare toddler who eats everything Mommy eats. Scary.

Honestly, one has to wonder what caused the foggy thinking that allowed the writer to make such an error in the first place (although he does recommend use of a field guide to make sure you get the right mushrooms...apparently just not the one he's been reading, which would be helpful to know). But, we do praise the magazine for its quick action in sending out a special postcard alert to all of its subscribers to warn them of the error, and pulling the printed copies from newsstands; a corrected e-version will be available to non-subscribers wishing to purchase this month's issue.

Here is the key point in the actual warning, which is also featured on the AH website:

"The fly agaric mushroom should not be consumed in its raw form because of its unpredictable psychotropic and physical effects."

Unsurprisingly, in following with all of this, one of the magazine site's top questions in the Comments section today is:
"Where can I find some of these mushrooms?"

Friday, September 20, 2013

An Afternoon with Al Conti

The Grammy-Nominated New Age Artist Discusses His Life 
Q: What does Al Conti want to be known for?

A: Crafting good music and having contributed to the New Age genre in a positive and influential way.

I also want to be known as a serious artist. Recognition and success are measured in many ways – for me it is choosing to be an artist and all that this means. It isn’t an easy journey much of the time, but it is the path I have chosen. Artists have something inside that must be expressed; it has to be let out. I like to think I had a choice in my life to do what I wanted – but in many ways I feel that the choice was made for me.

Q: Agreed and well said. What do you want people to take away from your music?

A: Each listener needs something different from the experience, so it is hard to say. But overall, I would want the listener to feel they have been on a journey when they finish listening to an album of mine, a journey they wish to take again and again.
I want my music to evoke images and memories – to bring people to a higher level of consciousness – to escape the everyday may it be a job, the groceries, doing their bills – like a cup of tea on a rainy day can be so soothing – yes, that is it.

Q: Nice! What is your guilty pleasure music wise?

A: Lately I’ve been enjoying a step back in time and listening to a lot of disco music.

As I have often said, my tastes in music are about as broad as is possible – I also enjoy 1920s music for its lively optimistic beat. A little like disco I guess! My music taste can vary greatly throughout the day. I can go from listening to Juice Newton to R.E.O. Speedwagon to Chopin to Nina Hagen within a 24 hour period.

Q: Wow- being so diverse is such a great way for artists to broaden what influences and affects them. I should probably be broadening my music list even more. What is your guilty pleasure TV wise?

A: I do not watch much television, in fact I only have cable connected in the set in the kitchen – to watch the news while I cook and that is about it. I generally watch DVD’s or stream movies. My guilty pleasure is watching something that can transport me to another place and time. I love historical fiction a lot – especially period pieces. As far as TV itself, I may watch some TV on DVD. Recently, I have been watching DALLAS (the 2012). Can you believe Linda Gray has not aged a day?!

Q: Ha! True and I'm sure she appreciates the compliment! Describe your perfect day?

A: Waking up slowly and quietly, as opposed to being jarred awake by street construction, which happened a few times in the last few weeks!

The minute I stir, I hear my dog Digby’s tail start to wag and thump against the floor – she knows breakfast is coming.

This may sound odd, but I love a day when it rains and I don’t have to go anywhere. I can watch the rain fall, drink some tea and read or work on my music. It is pretty simple really – I love to do what I do and my perfect day would be just that. Ok, I could be doing it in Paris too or another beautiful place in the world!

Q: Not odd at all, I love the rain. For me it has these inherent romantic qualities that are great for creating. Best thing a fan ever did or said to you?

A: I’ve mentioned this a few times in interviews, but it was a true life moment for me when I received an email from a therapist who was working with veterans of the Iraq war. She told me that she was using my music in her therapy to help soldiers with post-traumatic stress. That email was a gift I will never forget.

Q: Best thing you ever did or said to a fan?

A: Find that which makes you different and let that define you.

Q: What is the most empowering thing anyone has ever told you?

A: Having a learning disability does not mean you are stupid. It just means most people function like a PC and you function like a MAC. All end up with the same results, you just process differently.

Q: Great analogy! Favorite song (not yours) that you play to put yourself in a great mood?

A: I have many. My iPOD currently has over 21,000 songs! My mood changes through the day and, depending on mood, a song may pop up in my head and I have to listen to it so it will leave me alone.

Q: Favorite song of yours and why?

A: ‘Daughter of the City’ from the album Scheherazade. I love how the song came together and, artistically, it is some of my best work. I was able to convey everything I intended to for the album’s opening in that song.

Q: Thank you so much for your time, and for the last bit, your favorite quote?

A: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – The Little Prince

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: The Passionate Artists Behind TWO GRAND, I'M YOURS!

 Fiona Joy Hawkins and Trysette kick off Fall 2013 tour with a full-house fundraiser in Raymond, WA.  Catch their next date in Oregon, Trinity Alps, Sutter Creek, Mill Valley, New York, Boston, Denver, Grand Junction, Aspen, Phoenix, Julian or L.A.! 

The two Aussie singer/pianists, Fiona Joy Hawkins and Trysette, are a striking, talented and funny duo that warm up a room with their vast hearts. Trysette had instinctively reached out to Fiona about touring together, after hearing her music online, and a journey was born.  They created Two Grand, I'm Yours! and toured the U.S. in 2012; this year, they're back with a new show and new material, for a series of intimate venues, small theaters and private concerts.  

Both artists have lived full lives, as evidenced in the fluidity and depth of their arrangements and vocals. To make something sound simplistically honest, yet eternally poetic, is a feat only emotion-drenched souls can contribute. To create real art, touching art, one must live, and both artists offer their depths to their audience in spades.

Fiona's ethereal soothing vocals, in harmony with richly melodic beats, cradles the listener into a timeless moment in life, rich with sensual beauty, astounding imagery, and love. Her new album - 600 Years in a Moment - debuted at #2 on ZMR's international radio chart.

Trysette's powerful feminine vocals play with one's heart strings 'til they come undone and one is happily surrendered to the depths of their heart and soul, in a beautiful mess of love.

Fiona was born in Cessnock NSW Australia and raised in both Newcastle and Tamworth, her family home was filled with music. Fiona, "My father played Jesus in the Tamworth Musical Society production of Jesus Christ Superstar, Andrew Lloyd Webber's music was part of our lives." Classically trained as a pianist, her artistry ventures into the visual domain as well, with as much expertise and sentiment.

Fiona's paintings are Chagall-esque and stir up one's imagination with the splendor that Fiona seems to have effortlessly claimed in her tool box. Her love of imagery is apparent also in her song, as one cannot help but feel transported to eloquent, stunning landscapes that are new, comforting and soulful. The two worlds seem to work in harmony for her:

"The idea of synchronicity has always intrigued me, colours, ideas and emotions all have corresponding sounds," said Fiona. "I believe in the power of music as a source of inspiration and a way of reaching people, and I can transfer a musical quality through my art to the canvas."- Fiona
Trysette grew up on the northern rivers of NSW, Australia. Her lyrics are beyond eloquent yet she says, “I'm not sure why I'm able to write lyrics because I don't remember doing so well at English in school. I was just so brokenhearted at the age of 19 over a silly boy that all I could do was pour out my feelings on paper and that's where the song writing began. I'd been classically trained on the piano for many years but without my teacher knowing, I'd play ragtime and pop songs instead of practicing my scales, but this ultimately helped me in the process of learning to write my own songs."
Trysette spent her pre-tour weeks in L.A. recording her next album.  Her previous album, Le Cafe Ancien takes you through the break up of a deep, almost lifelong relationship and into the birth of a new life and the joys and nerves that must come when exploring new love.
I wrote these songs during a very emotional and life changing period of time and though there are obvious moments of heartbreak and turmoil, the overall feel of the album is light and hopeful with a theme based around moving on and finding a new path” says Trysette.

Two beautifully artistic, intelligent, strong yet sensitive souls. But the wonderful reality revealed at their show is that they are hilarious, and they love making others laugh, too! If you are lucky enough to grab tickets for one of their shows, you will be sure to feel, love, laugh and never forget the night you opened yourself to this spirited, eloquent duo of love, passion, grand pianos,and guarantors of a fiercely good time.

So what are you waiting for? Go to: for info on dates, tour videos, and more about special Guest Artists Peter Janson, Paul Jensen and Lorrie Sarafin

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Men and Women Working Together to Highlight a Forgotten Female Icon of Cinema

Alice Guy-Blaché  One of Cinema's first directors, and the first female director...yet few of heard of her.

Now a team has gathered, including Robert Redford, to tell this story of this icon, and help to inspire man and woman in cinema and the world. 

Some quick points to catch you up to speed (from Wikipedia):

  • Alice Guy-Blaché is the first female film maker and is responsible for creating one of the first narrative films in 1896.[8] 
  • Guy’s career of 24 years of directing, writing and producing films is the longest career of any of the cinema pioneers.[9] 
  • From 1896 to 1920, Guy directed over 400 films, 22 of which are feature-length films.
  • Guy was and still is the only woman to ever manage and own her own studio, The Solax Company.

Despite these accomplishments, she is rarely, if ever, mentioned among her peers in the history of cinema, and most professionals in the industry are completely unaware of her work. Few of her films survive in an easily viewable format (primarily those involving Charlie Chaplin), although preservation and recovery efforts are ongoing by the PIC Agency.[10]"   (As taken from her wikipedia page).

That is going to change! Since the start of this project over 100 of her films have been recovered!Check out the video HERE.

Upworthy as seen on Facebook,did a great job helping to promote the project and get it funded. 

Upworthy subscribers ended up contributing over 80,000 dollars of the $200,000 Kickstarter goal that was surpassed. 

As the funding film states: "Alice was written out of film history but we now realize, to tell her story is to tell the history of Film."

Click HERE to watch the video and for more information on how to contribute.

Thanks for reading and helping to share Alice's story and legacy with the world. 

by Andrea Dolbec

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School! Children and Spirituality

It's back to school time, and while you need to get a handle of all the tangible items like notebooks and pencils, what about the intangible framework, like self esteem and spirituality that will enable your child to thrive?

Here is a list of 3 sites, with a sample of what they have to offer, that can serve as resources for you while you help your child to grow into his or her own best self. 

Number 1.

This website is super professional, child friendly and chocked full with amazing lessons for everyone. 

Number 2.

This site contains an article from the popular magazine Parenting, that has many useful rituals and ideas for the family to follow together, see below:

Create a family mission statement
Many  spiritual traditions provide a framework of values or principles to  follow. Try creating something similar for your family. "Even kids as  young as three or four understand something like 'Our family believes in  kindness, helping other people, caring for pets, and reaching out to  people who are alone,'?" says Doe. You can get formal and post your  mission statement in your kitchen, or simply use it when you're making  choices about how to spend your time or resolve conflicts.
Number 3.

Spirituality and Practice,  has some very imaginative ways to instill values rather than command orders. 

See below:

When doing chores, such as picking up toys or putting away the dishes, imagine that you are returning these things to their homes where they will be more comfortable. Reframing chores in this way teaches reverence for your surroundings, kindness, and nurturing.

We hope you enjoy these resources and if you know any other wonderful sites in this area please let us know! Be sure to share these resources with your friends. 

Andrea Dolbec

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Party for a Purpose

September 15, 2013
Los Angeles

Guest Writer
Andrea Dolbec

Last year, on a literal "Yes, Man," whim I attended LoveStock. That night forever rocked my world and opened me to new possibilities and new eyes. First off, the high was unlike anything I ever experienced, and yet there were no obvious drugs or alcohol. There was enticing, exhilarating activities, a sense of openness and freedom, draped in a larger sensibility of love, passion and actually SEEING the person next to you.

You weren't on your cell phones, you were experiencing the magic that is available when others are also open to SEEING you, just the way you are. Everyone was an invitation to the excitement around them. And it was FREE. Not only that- it was a "party for a purpose." Continuing the tradition this year, the proceeds (from donations) will go the Just Like My Child foundation, that empowers girls and women in Africa, by way of micro-enterprise, healthcare, education, and more.

Kute explains it best, below is taken from his site:

"LoveStock is a party with a purpose. An invitation to co-create the most amazing experience of your entire life as living art in collaboration with others. It's not just another event, festival, party or place. It's an experience, a state of being. An opportunity to be free. To express yourself. To try something new. To mix it up a bit. To love BIG.
It is a participatory experience where you get to create the magic. You will be loved, nourished, blessed, healed, surprised, delighted and made a new. In ancient times people would gather to celebrate with each other and let go. LoveStock is a Purification of your being whilst having the most ecstatic experience of your life. You will not leave the same person you came.
Love is the very essence of who and what we are. It is the most powerful force on the planet. The message of all major religions, agreed on one central theme. It isn’t God, heaven, karma, or the afterlife, but LOVE. No matter how big or complex the philosophies they all came down to this one essential. It is time to move beyond the books, to stop simply worshiping the great ones that came before us and to start living and being what we are, LOVE itself. Not tomorrow, or next year, but right NOW.
LoveStock is an invitation to live the love that you are.
We invite you to LoveStock where you ARE the experience.
Are you ready? "

Sign Up for your free tix! Must make a reservation!

~Your experience awaits you~

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Foodie Fridays


Warning- not for the easily offended- thug kitchen offers extraordinary healthy and yummy recipes, and doles them out with inspiration dripping with explicative. Pure marketing genius with over 344,000 likes on their Facebook page.

Sample shots of Thug Kitchen's food ideas:

So many yummy vegetarian dishes are displayed on their blog and FB page, a snapshot from their website explains:
"are you vegan?"

Well there you go- anymore questions?

Thug Kitchen is getting ready to launch their cook book, we are so excited to try out some of their cookbook exclusive recipes and once the book is launched we will be sure to share that with you.

Want to know more?

Here is a snapshot of their info on their Facebook page:


To inspire the shit out of some mother fuckers to eat better and have a healthier lifestyle.
Verbally abusing everyone into a healthier diet.

Follow Thug Kitchen on Facebook:

Be healthy and share with us your favorite healthy recipe to be featured on Foodie Fridays!

Subscribe to be updated on the latest in BEING- wellness, and fun good for you stuff!

-by Andrea Dolbec

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday Giveaway! Award Winning Artists Al Conti, Fiona Joy Hawkins and Danny Wright

Giveaway you say? Yes! The B Company is so proud of its roster of diverse talents and would love to brighten your day with the gift of wonderful music. 

Not just one album, no, we want to give you a package of THREE!

***Comment below and share this post on Facebook with your friends to be entered to win.***

Here are the artists that will be featured in your fabulous prize package:

Fiona Joy Hawkins is often referred to as Australia's Enya. A sultry firecracker, her passion and combined sensitivity create harmonious sounds that make love to your subconscious. Fiona has received a Aria nomination (likened to Australia's Grammy's) and a nomination for a 2013 Independent Music Awards Finalist for Best New Age album and best live performance. After you're hooked: check out to get tickets for Fiona's upcoming tour with the talented fellow Aussie, Trysette.

Danny Wright, "The Healer of Hearts," is a Texas born artist who has sold over 6 million albums worldwide. Often on television, or performing live for his adoring fans, Danny feels blessed to truly carry out his purpose and have it received so beautifully. A caring, faithful and deeply compassionate man, Danny is inspired by the preciousness of human life, and is often commissioned to write songs that commemorate someone's legacy and contribution. A highly prolific songwriter, Danny is always producing new material to soothe the hearts of his fans and uplift them in all of life's memorable occasions. Check out his site for more information. and for upcoming performances:

Al Conti is a GRAMMY® nominated composer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist. His latest release, "The Blue Rose, " was number one in the ZMR charts for 2 consecutive months. An Argentinian born artist, who comes from a deeply artistic family, Al's artistic sensibilities and intelligence come through in his music and the beautiful way he presents it to his fans, like in the cover art for "The Blue Rose." In addition to music, Al is very passionate about giving back. In 2008, Al Conti joined Kevin Bacon, Jessica Alba, Will & Grace's Shelley Morrison and other celebrities lending his name to the Until There's A Cure foundation to help raise funds for HIV/AIDS awareness and research. Al is also a member of Artists For Human Rights, an organization founded by actress Anne Archer. Visit Al's site for more information and music on Al Conti.

Thanks so much for playing, and remember: there is different music for all the different parts of your day. Expand your world. 


We will ship for free within the U.S. and Canada.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Foodie Fridays!

 Raw Youth and LOL (Lot's of Love) Treats

Introducing Charles Chen of 
and his company

One of Charles's greatest missions in life is helping people to achieve optimal health. 

His tasty, raw, Quinoa Crispy Treats are packed with protein, fiber and other good for you and your family benefits. With different flavors, everyone can have their favorite.
They also taste great and look adorable too!

Available for purchase at Erewhon or

And check out their blog for more tasty recipes such as this amazing raw CHEESECAKE!


recipe available at

Let us know how yours turns out!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New YOU Ceremony! Letting GO in 6 simple steps! How to Co-create Your Life!

Today's guest writer shares with us an article filled with insights to empower and heal the reader to create a life they love. Visit her site for more tools and information, or to book an appointment.

Guest Writer:
Dr. Sarah Larsen

This New You Ceremony will support you in letting go of the past and clarifying your focus for the future. Listen to the process and amend it in a way that inspires and serves you:

1. Get a journal and begin writing “Life Review.” Reminisce about events that happened, people you met, places you visited, lessons you learned, accomplishments, blessings, struggles, funny moments and so on.
2. On a separate piece of loose paper, begin pondering behavior, beliefs or habits that you’d like to leave behind. For example: being obsessed with an ex, eating habits, overuse of a substance or internet, limiting beliefs, repetitive/disruptive thoughts, consistent self-scrutiny, road rage, swearing… etc. Make a list of “What you are Ready to let go of!”
3. Share your “life review” and “letting go list” with someone close to you. See what they recall, reminisce, and share a couple laughs.
4. Make a toast and celebrate! It is so wonderful to be aware of all of this! Then, take a water filled bowl and soak the list of things you are ready to let go! Breathe and let yourself feel what it is to be free of this! Then pour out the water onto the earth.
5. Then write in your journal what you are ready to co-create, manifest and materialize! Write on the top of the page “This or something better for the highest good of all concerned. And so it is.” Write whatever comes to mind. Write everything in present tense in the “I am” and use feeling words to enthusiastically express what you want.Write all that your heart desires! Without thinking or analyzing, write it down! Be specific, be creative and think big; Think reachable and possible and believable. Write until your brain is empty — don’t worry about being too much! The Universe loves to be generous!!! For instance, “I am professionally fulfilled and my job offers me the opportunity to do what I love.”
6. Find a blank sheet of paper, and as suggested for the journal, write at the top, “This or something better for the highest good of all concerned. And so it is.” Write the feelings of what it is like to have whatever it is that you are co creating! Look at this sheet of paper, copy it and place it in many locations, your car, fridge, bathroom mirror. Look at it everyday. Feel what it feels like to be in the experience of it everyday! Observe and Celebrate with gratitude as things in your life begin to manifest. Focusing more on what is abundant in our lives ALREADY is the best way to generate more abundance.

Ok Readers: Try it at home at less us know any insights you would love to share.