Friday, October 18, 2013


Invitation from Within 
Once again celebrating the mystical healing powers of the flute, Ann Licater—who masterfully performs on Native American, Native American-style, Silver and Alto Flutes and Peruvian Huaca—creates (or shall we say, channels from a place of transcendence) a melodically and rhythmically inventive, gloriously dreamy and soul soothing third solo album. True to its title, it draws our hearts as an Invitation from Within—an opportunity to explore our inner selves and come to a state of grace and deeper self-awareness on the wings of a lush and often magical musical journey. 
         Ann Licater
                  Photo by DArcy Allison Teasley
Many of these 12 tracks include beautiful and haunting harmonies provided by everything from Jeff Oster’s trumpet (the richly hypnotic “Cradle of Light”) to Ivar Lunde’s grand piano (which inhabits five of the songs), and the excellent percussionists Kathleen Farrell (hand held crystal bowls), David DiLullo (Peruvian Cajon) and Jason Introwitz (conga, steel tongue drum) add well placed bursts of primal magic. 
Yet by design, Licater’s soul centerpiece, the true focus, is on the shifts in consciousness that only her variety of lead flute lines can create. Invitation from Within brings the listener to a place he or she will long want to stay. It’s a musical triumph, but more importantly, a triumph for the soul.
                        – Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

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