Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday Giveaway! Award Winning Artists Al Conti, Fiona Joy Hawkins and Danny Wright

Giveaway you say? Yes! The B Company is so proud of its roster of diverse talents and would love to brighten your day with the gift of wonderful music. 

Not just one album, no, we want to give you a package of THREE!

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Here are the artists that will be featured in your fabulous prize package:

Fiona Joy Hawkins is often referred to as Australia's Enya. A sultry firecracker, her passion and combined sensitivity create harmonious sounds that make love to your subconscious. Fiona has received a Aria nomination (likened to Australia's Grammy's) and a nomination for a 2013 Independent Music Awards Finalist for Best New Age album and best live performance. After you're hooked: check out to get tickets for Fiona's upcoming tour with the talented fellow Aussie, Trysette.

Danny Wright, "The Healer of Hearts," is a Texas born artist who has sold over 6 million albums worldwide. Often on television, or performing live for his adoring fans, Danny feels blessed to truly carry out his purpose and have it received so beautifully. A caring, faithful and deeply compassionate man, Danny is inspired by the preciousness of human life, and is often commissioned to write songs that commemorate someone's legacy and contribution. A highly prolific songwriter, Danny is always producing new material to soothe the hearts of his fans and uplift them in all of life's memorable occasions. Check out his site for more information. and for upcoming performances:

Al Conti is a GRAMMY® nominated composer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist. His latest release, "The Blue Rose, " was number one in the ZMR charts for 2 consecutive months. An Argentinian born artist, who comes from a deeply artistic family, Al's artistic sensibilities and intelligence come through in his music and the beautiful way he presents it to his fans, like in the cover art for "The Blue Rose." In addition to music, Al is very passionate about giving back. In 2008, Al Conti joined Kevin Bacon, Jessica Alba, Will & Grace's Shelley Morrison and other celebrities lending his name to the Until There's A Cure foundation to help raise funds for HIV/AIDS awareness and research. Al is also a member of Artists For Human Rights, an organization founded by actress Anne Archer. Visit Al's site for more information and music on Al Conti.

Thanks so much for playing, and remember: there is different music for all the different parts of your day. Expand your world. 


We will ship for free within the U.S. and Canada.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Foodie Fridays!

 Raw Youth and LOL (Lot's of Love) Treats

Introducing Charles Chen of 
and his company

One of Charles's greatest missions in life is helping people to achieve optimal health. 

His tasty, raw, Quinoa Crispy Treats are packed with protein, fiber and other good for you and your family benefits. With different flavors, everyone can have their favorite.
They also taste great and look adorable too!

Available for purchase at Erewhon or

And check out their blog for more tasty recipes such as this amazing raw CHEESECAKE!


recipe available at

Let us know how yours turns out!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New YOU Ceremony! Letting GO in 6 simple steps! How to Co-create Your Life!

Today's guest writer shares with us an article filled with insights to empower and heal the reader to create a life they love. Visit her site for more tools and information, or to book an appointment.

Guest Writer:
Dr. Sarah Larsen

This New You Ceremony will support you in letting go of the past and clarifying your focus for the future. Listen to the process and amend it in a way that inspires and serves you:

1. Get a journal and begin writing “Life Review.” Reminisce about events that happened, people you met, places you visited, lessons you learned, accomplishments, blessings, struggles, funny moments and so on.
2. On a separate piece of loose paper, begin pondering behavior, beliefs or habits that you’d like to leave behind. For example: being obsessed with an ex, eating habits, overuse of a substance or internet, limiting beliefs, repetitive/disruptive thoughts, consistent self-scrutiny, road rage, swearing… etc. Make a list of “What you are Ready to let go of!”
3. Share your “life review” and “letting go list” with someone close to you. See what they recall, reminisce, and share a couple laughs.
4. Make a toast and celebrate! It is so wonderful to be aware of all of this! Then, take a water filled bowl and soak the list of things you are ready to let go! Breathe and let yourself feel what it is to be free of this! Then pour out the water onto the earth.
5. Then write in your journal what you are ready to co-create, manifest and materialize! Write on the top of the page “This or something better for the highest good of all concerned. And so it is.” Write whatever comes to mind. Write everything in present tense in the “I am” and use feeling words to enthusiastically express what you want.Write all that your heart desires! Without thinking or analyzing, write it down! Be specific, be creative and think big; Think reachable and possible and believable. Write until your brain is empty — don’t worry about being too much! The Universe loves to be generous!!! For instance, “I am professionally fulfilled and my job offers me the opportunity to do what I love.”
6. Find a blank sheet of paper, and as suggested for the journal, write at the top, “This or something better for the highest good of all concerned. And so it is.” Write the feelings of what it is like to have whatever it is that you are co creating! Look at this sheet of paper, copy it and place it in many locations, your car, fridge, bathroom mirror. Look at it everyday. Feel what it feels like to be in the experience of it everyday! Observe and Celebrate with gratitude as things in your life begin to manifest. Focusing more on what is abundant in our lives ALREADY is the best way to generate more abundance.

Ok Readers: Try it at home at less us know any insights you would love to share. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Guest Writer:
Antoinette Levine

Antoinette gave the first reading of this poem at The Ojai Foundation’s Second Annual Gathering of the Ages in Summer 2013.

Visit and learn more about Antoinette at: