Friday, February 5, 2016

LOVE Essentials - The Luxurious Artisanal GIFT SET for VALENTINE'S DAY 2016



Just in time for Valentine's Day, the celebrated Grammy-nominated New Age album LOVE, by Peter Kater, is finding new fans and myriad promotional extensions in Whole Foods, via MommyBloggers, and in specialty retail stores.  Currently, one's best bet is to order the entire gift set (under $50) via this link!

LOVE Essentials Gift Set - CD, Candle, Essential Oil, ChocoLOVE bar.

The hottest new gift shop in Gettysburg, PA is Zen & Now!  They featured LOVE Essentials and a chocoLOVE tasting on Gettysburg's recent First Friday event, and Mysterium Music founder Trish Bowden was on hand to talk about the gourmet, organic and healing products included to enhance the music.

LOVE Essentials at Zen & Now, Gettysburg PA

The tasty candy bar was custom created by Peter with the organic chocolate company, offers hazlenuts, toffee, salt and dark chocolate. It has already sold through at Whole Foods, so now it is only available via the Gift Set.

The ChocoLOVE display at WHOLE FOODS.

And to all started with a song, a man, and some improvisations. This, Peter Kater's first solo piano album in over a decade, has already won's Album of the Year 2015, and is nominated for a GRAMMY Award; the artist will be in attendance for the awards on February 15th, and making various appearances throughtout Grammy Week.

The LOVE Essentials gift set Love contains and autographed copy!
The label behind this album, Mysterium Music, wholeheartedly champions and supports Peter's vision, and believes in the healing power of his music. Together, they've release FOUR Grammy-nominated albums with very different sounds and themes on each: Light Body, Ritual, Illumination, and LOVE.  

How does one artist create so prolifically? Peter shares his thoughts in this behind the scenes video, "My Life is My Practice."

Family product reviewers are loving the Gift Set, too!!! You can read an independent review of the gift set on New Age Mama and enter to win a free CD!  Airplanes and Dragonflies is also offering a special gift to their audience.

Wishing you a loving and memorable Valentine's Day! Please SHARE the LOVE via our blog link so that more folks - especially your beloved - can find this beautiful, artisanal, gourmet and non-mainstream gift set!  

This post card comes with the set, and explains the goodies within!

Wishing you lots of love this Valentine's Day!