Monday, January 29, 2018

Music Review: After The Rain

Seasoned musician Neil Tatar presents us with his third album, After the Rain. In this album, Neil showcases his divine talents on the piano as well as the guitar, creating an atmosphere suited for every mood. Just like the water, the songs on this record ebb and flow in a beautifully organic way.  Recorded at Will Ackerman’s renowned Imaginary Road Studios, several talented artists help to give this work of art the extra spark that sets it above and beyond.

Tatar is a playful composer who also practices TaiChi, and these traits seem to merge in this album, with some of the tracks enchanting the listener in a reflective state. Tatar’s ability to create such unique moods through the sounds he creates is truly mesmerizing and remarkable. “Reflections” is a beautifully composed, cascading song. The way he emotes through the ivory keys is reminiscent of raindrops falling onto the surface of a placid body of water.  The track “Rush Pond” is yet another example of the same approach. The subtle incorporation of cello by Eugene Friesen and violin by Charlie Bisharat create an intensity and depth that is perfectly balanced. It is a truly textured piece of art. "Gentle Steps" is honored with being the first video release on this album:

Going in a different direction, “Night Walk” uses an array of instruments to convey the essence of the wind and water. The Native American flute introduces the song as chimes weave through the notes to meet an acoustic guitar. The airy nature of this song is given an earthy tone by the masterful plucking of the acoustic guitar. The title track “After the Rain” has the essence of Chopin-meets-New Age music. Ethereal voices - Noah Wilding and Lini Marcotte Tatar - add an air of gentle mystique to the already dulcet sounds of the piano until they both intertwine with Ackerman’s guitar playing.  Wrapping the record up is “Sidewalk Jam.” It’s a celebration of joy in the form of an upbeat musical jamboree.  Showcasing the talents of Premik Russel Tubbs on sax and Tony Levin on bass, this jazzy affair makes sure to end the album on a high note.

Just a few years ago, Tatar won ZMR's "Best New Artist" award, and is sure to turn heads again with After the Rain. His previous two albums soared to the #1 spot on ZMR’s Top 100 Global Radio Airplay charts, solidifying his chance to reach that position once again. 

For more information on Neil, visit his website at

- Samantha Garcia for BEING

Wednesday, January 17, 2018



The highly-regarded experts and music curators at New Age Music Guide released their Top Music Picks of 2017!  Among the Best New Age Music are our friends at FLOW, winning for Best New Age Music Debut!  Congratulations to Fiona Joy (Hawkins), Lawrence Blatt, Jeff Oster and Will Ackerman on the launch of their new ensemble!

Enjoy their official video here: FLOW - Official Album Trailer (2017)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Age Music featured in HuffPo Article on a Healthy Heart for 2018

Irene Ross is an editor and health coach, so when she was writing about good habits for 2018 we were thrilled that music would play its part!  Below is an excerpt of the Huffington Post article, which also included the music video debut of "They Were Here" by Byron Metcalf and Jennifer Grais. 

In the music section of the piece, Irene writes: "So start 2018 in good health, and with a little bit more music, hugs and laughter to give your heart the love it needs to stay healthy and open! As we move toward Valentine’s Day, you can find just the sound your heart desires in heart-focused releases from conscious musicians. It could be the musical love story in Kiss the Quiet by Michael Whalen, the soaring soulfulness of AONKI: Gateway of Love by Anaya Music, or, a more relaxed groove with After the Rain by Neil Tatar.

Read the story in's timed perfectly for the heart-healthy month of February, with both Valentine's Day and American Heart Association events on the horizon! Share it with a friend you 💗! 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Interview: Beth Ann Hilton

Beth Ann Hilton
We've all heard stories about scoundrels in the music business for decades. Beth Ann Hilton of The B Company strives to break that mould with her "conscious PR" approach to the entertainment businss...get to know the lady behind the Burbank, CA-based firm, now featured as Copy Central Burbank's spotlight interview.