Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Music Review


Micki Free's new album on Mysterium Music

Micki Free is no stranger to the music world.  At the ripe age of 17, the one and only Gene Simmons discovered him while playing a show. Simmons instantly recognized his budding talents. Although his heart was instantly drawn to rock and roll, Free has always had a deep-rooted sense of pride for his Native American roots. In 2003, he decided to follow the path of his heritage and incorporate the flute into his music.
Photo By Kim Maney

In his latest release, The Native American Flute as Therapy, Free takes the soul-soothing power of his Native American flute and turns it into his own brand of guided meditation.  The opening track, “White Candle Light” sets the stage for the spiritually enlightening experience to follow.  “The Healing Bath” makes the listener become aware of their existence by bringing attention to the corporeal aspects of being human.  The swooning vocals and low-key instrumentals (Brother Paul Brown on Hammond B3 and Fender) emit a sense of languid dreaminess. My personal favorite, “Lavender Kiss” explains the significance of lavender and the effects it can have on the human psyche. The wind chime-infused track is capable of walking anyone out of a heightened state of anxiety or worry. 
Performing in the Grand Canyon
Photo By Kim Maney
Further down the line, the title track “The Native American Flute as Therapy” hits some heavy topics.  He retells an encounter in which a woman asking if the Native American flute could cure cancer confronted him. He explains the ways in which the soothing sounds are beneficial to healing. The sonic bath which ensues is far more intense than the other tracks on this record. In this track, the sound of rain, chanting, and flute combine to create the perfect meditative state. “Heart Release” is when the listener gets to let it all go. Guided breathing is the theme of this particular track along with a bit more of a down-tempo vibe.  After the journey is complete, Micki's plaintive version of Neil Young's classic “Down By the River” feels like a warm hug that congratulates the listener on their healing process. 

A radical change is apparent in Micki Free’s musical stylings here, and it is clear that he means to channel his energy into something beneficial to the greater good. In a world full of anger and animosity, Free’s meditative flute album provides a guiding light through the darkness. 

More info at Mysterium Music.

  - Samantha Garcia, BEING

Micki Free in Cottonwood, AZ 2016.
Photo by Debra Donovan

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