Sunday, September 4, 2016

Music Review

Longitudes and Latitudes: Laid-back, World Class Guitar

New age guitarist Lawrence Blatt displays his mastery of the genre he represents with his new album Longitudes and Latitudes.  As the title implies, the fifteen tracks on this record will take you on a tour around the world.  Recorded at Imaginary Road Studios and produced by new age genius Will Ackerman, this album holds five years of storytelling and passion straight from Lawrence’s heart.

On an Imaginary Road...
Right out of the gate, “Two Shades of Sunshine” makes you feel like you’re sitting on a warm terrace in Hawaii.  The song is rife with contemporary rhythm and Blatt’s distinctive finger-picking guitar tunes. The mood slows down a notch over the next few tracks until stepping it back up on “Open Fields and Running Water” in which he picks the groove back up and introduces new beats and a layering of different, subtle sounds. It is a tastefully done sonic interpretation of the city of Huangshan, China. 

“Morning In Beerse” transports you into a sun-filled room in Belgium. It’s truly an anthem for those lazy, languid mornings. The next track “Upon Griffy Lake” pays homage to Blatt’s roots growing up in Indiana. The soft female vocals add a dreamy vibe to the already calming tune.  

Lawrence Blatt, guitarist & composer
He really kicks up the mood with my favorite track “Noches De Barcelona.” It’s a passionate, upbeat track that makes me envision couples swaying in the balmy moonlight. The violin work is truly romantic.

Longitudes and Latitudes is laid-back and full of class, the ideal album for all those world travelers out there.  

 - Samantha G.