Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Music Review


Micki Free's new album on Mysterium Music

Micki Free is no stranger to the music world.  At the ripe age of 17, the one and only Gene Simmons discovered him while playing a show. Simmons instantly recognized his budding talents. Although his heart was instantly drawn to rock and roll, Free has always had a deep-rooted sense of pride for his Native American roots. In 2003, he decided to follow the path of his heritage and incorporate the flute into his music.
Photo By Kim Maney

In his latest release, The Native American Flute as Therapy, Free takes the soul-soothing power of his Native American flute and turns it into his own brand of guided meditation.  The opening track, “White Candle Light” sets the stage for the spiritually enlightening experience to follow.  “The Healing Bath” makes the listener become aware of their existence by bringing attention to the corporeal aspects of being human.  The swooning vocals and low-key instrumentals (Brother Paul Brown on Hammond B3 and Fender) emit a sense of languid dreaminess. My personal favorite, “Lavender Kiss” explains the significance of lavender and the effects it can have on the human psyche. The wind chime-infused track is capable of walking anyone out of a heightened state of anxiety or worry. 
Performing in the Grand Canyon
Photo By Kim Maney
Further down the line, the title track “The Native American Flute as Therapy” hits some heavy topics.  He retells an encounter in which a woman asking if the Native American flute could cure cancer confronted him. He explains the ways in which the soothing sounds are beneficial to healing. The sonic bath which ensues is far more intense than the other tracks on this record. In this track, the sound of rain, chanting, and flute combine to create the perfect meditative state. “Heart Release” is when the listener gets to let it all go. Guided breathing is the theme of this particular track along with a bit more of a down-tempo vibe.  After the journey is complete, Micki's plaintive version of Neil Young's classic “Down By the River” feels like a warm hug that congratulates the listener on their healing process. 

A radical change is apparent in Micki Free’s musical stylings here, and it is clear that he means to channel his energy into something beneficial to the greater good. In a world full of anger and animosity, Free’s meditative flute album provides a guiding light through the darkness. 

More info at Mysterium Music.

  - Samantha Garcia, BEING

Micki Free in Cottonwood, AZ 2016.
Photo by Debra Donovan

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


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Music Review: MYSTIC by Al Conti


Even before inviting us into the grand sweeping musical experience of his latest masterwork Mystic, Grammy nominated new age and world fusion composer arranger and multi-instrumentalist Al Conti intrigues us with the darkness and light of the CD’s compelling artwork. In a monastic setting, a lone seeker dressed in a red robe stands before a mysterious black door, as sunlight pours through stately columns on the left, but not the right. We wonder, is he contemplating a trip towards the light, or towards exploring the mystery of the other side? Or is he the generator of the light that’s flowing out? As we contemplate these questions, Conti sets the musical stage for this mystical opening of a door on the opening title track by laying down a haunting ambiance behind the ethereal wordless vocals of Charlee Brooks and The Oxford Court Monk Choir.

Al Conti's new album is MYSTIC
These vocals bookend the piece and helps it build to a dramatic conclusion – which of course, is just the beginning of the journey. As a sensual groove and exotic keyboard melody take hold, Conti is pulling (or, rather, sweeping) us toward the heart of his exploratory journey – given extra emotional heft by Butto’s whimsical flute solo. Infusing the soul with relaxation, “Trance” puts us in a moody, musically liquid space before evolving into an exotic and hypnotic ballad featuring an elegant lead melody on the Indian santoor (played by Vanil Veigas, whose mastery graces a total of seven tracks).

The chamber music and rock influenced “Contemplation” features the mystical charms of another special guest, harpist Pamela Copus (2002) interacting with George’s soulful violin lines; later in the piece, Pearce’s soulful and crisp electric guitar echoes sweetly over the lush ambience, then creates a hypnotic steel string harmony behind the harp  melody. “Ritual” alternates atmospheric dreaminess with dramatic drums and percussion fills, bells and powerful keyboard chords. Underneath all that is the deep rhythm of a beating heart, as if on a mission to pump life into the spirit. Capturing the lighthearted side of Conti’s fluid musical spirituality, “Devotion” is a playful and poppy, sensual and infectious romp based on a pilgrimage song from the Middle Ages. It was inspired by a visit to a cloister and reflects humanity’s constant struggle to sustain one’s own devotion and balance.

Driven by Conti’s elegant, contemplative piano melody and some later caressing string harmonies and a gentle violin solo by Manoj George, we are drawn into a “Prayer” whose ultimate aim is to become one with the cosmos – and grateful for all things. In this state, it’s easy to have “Visions” of what Conti’s inspiration, 12th Century mystic Hildegard von Bingen, called “the shade of living light.” Conti proves a masterful weaver of trippy sonic delights here, tying seamlessly together a gentle flute line, a resonant santoor melody and a deepening wash of dreamy ambience even before the rhythms enter the picture via Karthik K’s ever present tabla. The stark, ambient and trance-inducing “Pilgrimage” was inspired by Spain’s renowned Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage. It features an initial conversation between dark and light elements via Conti’s keyboard melody and George’s violin – then as the tempo picks up, Conti swirls his ancient flavored keys with a lively, dancing violin and the fiery electric guitar of another guest star, Jeff Pearce.

The artist wraps the collection with “Anima Aeterna,” a contemplation of one of the most mystical concepts of all, the human soul. He expresses this never ending mystery via Brooks’ dreamy vocalizing, lush atmospheres, a unique combination of santoor, electric guitar, tabla and other exotic elements. With this artful, sweeping blend, Conti helps us explore the eternal while inspiring the mystic in us all to engage in our surroundings. Mystic is deep and insightful work that can be grasped on many emotional and spiritual levels. While it can be enjoyed all the way through for its dual ability to relax and exhilarate, upon further careful listens, one comes to appreciate the artist’s incredible tapestry of textures.   

Mystic releases worldwide on October 7, 2016.

                                                  -- Jonathan Widran

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Music Review

Longitudes and Latitudes: Laid-back, World Class Guitar

New age guitarist Lawrence Blatt displays his mastery of the genre he represents with his new album Longitudes and Latitudes.  As the title implies, the fifteen tracks on this record will take you on a tour around the world.  Recorded at Imaginary Road Studios and produced by new age genius Will Ackerman, this album holds five years of storytelling and passion straight from Lawrence’s heart.

On an Imaginary Road...
Right out of the gate, “Two Shades of Sunshine” makes you feel like you’re sitting on a warm terrace in Hawaii.  The song is rife with contemporary rhythm and Blatt’s distinctive finger-picking guitar tunes. The mood slows down a notch over the next few tracks until stepping it back up on “Open Fields and Running Water” in which he picks the groove back up and introduces new beats and a layering of different, subtle sounds. It is a tastefully done sonic interpretation of the city of Huangshan, China. 

“Morning In Beerse” transports you into a sun-filled room in Belgium. It’s truly an anthem for those lazy, languid mornings. The next track “Upon Griffy Lake” pays homage to Blatt’s roots growing up in Indiana. The soft female vocals add a dreamy vibe to the already calming tune.  

Lawrence Blatt, guitarist & composer
He really kicks up the mood with my favorite track “Noches De Barcelona.” It’s a passionate, upbeat track that makes me envision couples swaying in the balmy moonlight. The violin work is truly romantic.

Longitudes and Latitudes is laid-back and full of class, the ideal album for all those world travelers out there.  

 - Samantha G.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Music Review: Beyond The Waves

Beyond the Waves: A Meditative Masterpiece

Feel all of the stresses of everyday life melt away as soon as the first note hits! This beautifully arranged album by the divine songstress Ann Licater will soothe your soul with its ethereal combination of light instrumentation. The opening track "Rhythm of the Stars" is a captivating combination of cascading acoustic guitar, soaring flute, and subdued percussion which will leave you in a trance-like, pensive state. It is the perfect way to introduce the otherworldly realm that Licater has so masterfully created. Listening to the album is a perfect way to unwind, de-stress and get lost in a mystical sound bath. "Song of the Willows" is nothing short of a meditative masterpiece with wind chimes tinkling away in the background serving as the perfect base for Licater's incredible flute musings. Beyond the Waves is the perfect combination of serenity, beauty and artistry.

-Samantha G.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fiona's Brush-Stroke Reviews

On Eagle Mountain by Todd Mosby

I chose to review this album for two reasons.  Firstly because I love it.  Secondly because while I was in transit from Sydney to LA I watched an awesome movie called Eddie the Eagle – which I also loved and I felt the eagle reference was a sign of semantics to write about Todd’s really stunning guitar album titled On Eagle Mountain.

Produced by the team at Imaginary Road Studios (Will Ackerman & Tom Eaton) this album couldn’t miss.  Not just because of the great people and production but because Todd has his own unique defining style that sets him apart.

As I listen I feel transported to another place, but more than that, I’m drawn into Todd’s world, a clever and well constructed world where I can choose to stay on the surface and listen to his music in an ambient way, or I can concentrate and find depth way beyond the definition of ‘ambient’.  A wonderful combination and most artists cannot achieve both attributes at the same time.  I believe it takes a sense of trust in the artist that they will lead you somewhere – in both instances.

In art-speak I would liken Todd Mosby’s album On Eagle Mountain to French painter, printmaker and ‘intimist’  Pierre Bonnard who was able to capture the spirit of the moment by playing with light and decorative surfaces using impressionist techniques.  He was not interested in obscure symbolist subject matter and was not a mystic. Instead, he was satisfied - even fascinated and delighted by the scenes of simple daily life around him into which, as observers, we are drawn.

Excellent work.  A cut above. 
                                                                                              - Fiona Joy

*Fiona Joy is a composer/pianist/producer/vocalist...and painter. View her work here.

Monday, July 25, 2016

3 x Award Win Inspires Donation to Cancer Charity

Mysterium Music Sales to Help Fund Cancer Support Community

Four-time GRAMMY®-nominated body/mind/spirit record label Mysterium Music is celebrating the news that its 2015 release Elders & Ancestors, by Agrelia’s Castle, won three of One World Radio’s annual awards on June 25th, including Best New Age Music Album, the People’s Choice Award, and (besting a variety of competing genres) the coveted Album of the Year spot. In honor of the husband-wife duo, Paul and April Brown, whose cancer journey inspired the album, Mysterium’s founder Trisha Bowden announced that the label will donate 50% of the album’s July 2016 proceeds to Cancer Support Community( The album can be sampled and purchased online at

By its very nature, Elders & Ancestors is a quiet, subtle album born of love and made for healing, not for awards or Billboard charts; it was made for soothing and, as composer/flutist/singer April Brown will tell you, as “an artists’ journey together through the cancer landscape, with songs intended to create peace, joy and hope.” 

Agrelia’s Castle is the name that Paul and April Brown call themselves when they collaborate musically, and their inspiration to do so comes from a deeply-personal place. April explains “Our story started in June of 2003, when Paul and I met in Memphis on Beale Street. He was playing with a band called FreeWorld. Awesome band. Not two months later, on July 29, 2003, I found out I had breast cancer. So, our story has always been entwined with my cancer journey.” Paul is a GRAMMY® Award-nominated Memphis/Nashville producer and keyboardist (Mike Farris, The Waterboys). 

Agrelia's Castle: April & Paul Brown
The duo reacted to the awards from “across the pond” by saying, "It's a tremendous honor that so many people around the world have listened to our music and loved it well enough to make this happen for us! What an incredible gift. We are forever touched and humbled!" One World Radio ( is an internet-based radio station with a multitude of channels offering music from rock to ambient to new age, as well as new music reviews and artist interviews. 

Going back to Fall 2015, OWR founder Steve Sheppard reviewed the album just after its release, writing, “...I am lucky enough to be sitting here listening to this unbelievable release, this track flows so wonderfully, a storm thunders across distant mountains, but the keyboards offer a tone of hope, and as such, the Browns finish off an album with beauty, serenity and with great honour to the ancestors and elders along the way...Elders and Ancestors, is an album that we call one of a kind, it has been manifested from the love of reality, through the darkness of the moment and into the light of a new awareness, superbly produced, deeply moving and wonderfully and honestly performed; I cannot rate this album high enough...”

To highlight a few tracks, the song “Spirit Dreaming” features April's Native American-style flute playing and “Sonnet” showcases her soothing vocals. “Breathe” features Memphis sitar Master Richard Cushing with Nashville guitar and cello Master Tom Shinness, and it recalls George Harrison’s Indian-influenced work, both with the Beatles and as a solo artist. Brown’s excellent keyboard work on Fender Rhodes and the Hammond B3 are featured throughout. GRAMMY® Award-winner Mike Farris delivers an unforgettable and impassioned guest vocal on “Wayfaring Stranger.” The artistic album cover of Elders and Ancestors shares a serene landscape painting by April, to match the equally calming music.

Additional raves emerged in a No Depression review, with music writer Ted Slowik suggesting that some of the tracks, like “Adrift,” are “...reminiscent of instrumental interludes from Dark Side of the Moon-era Pink Floyd.” Dick Metcalf of wrote “’s filled with healing power and you owe it to your spirit to immerse yourself,” and Mike Scott (founder/lead singer, The Waterboys) said, “It’s like stepping into a parallel world of this gorgeous hypnotic healing music and April sings like an earth angel.”

Trisha Bowden, founder of body/mind/spirit record label, Mysterium Music of Hanover, PA, released the album in 2015, and has championed the music to healers around the world. The album, she says, is good for anyone who needs relaxation and healing. She adds, “I’m so proud of Paul & April, and their debut album Elders and Ancestors. It blossomed from Paul & April’s love into a New Age album, and found cross-genre appeal when Paul toured Europe with rock band The Waterboys, visiting wellbeing & hospice centers wherever he went to share it. The authentic way it has evolved from a healing project into a tool for wellbeing is a perfect representation of what Mysterium Music is all about today. Winning three OWR awards is wonderful validation of the album for both its effectiveness and appeal!” 
Trisha Bowden
Founder, Mysterium Music

Elders and Ancestors is available via all major online retail outlets, including Amazon and iTunes, through Mysterium Music, an award-winning indie record label dedicated to musical works for healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation of the mind, body, spirit, and soul; its forthcoming Fall 2016 release is Native American Flute for Therapy, by Micki Free. 

For interview requests, review copies, or artwork, please contact Beth Hilton, The B Company, at 310-560-8390, or

Mysterium Music Official website: 
Facebook: and 
Paul Brown’s biography:
Ocean Soul Studios:
Twitter: Paul Brown on Twitter or @PAULBROWNAP63
No Depression article: 

Beth A. Hilton
The B Company

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fiona's Brush-Stroke Reviews

A Stagey Bank Affair

concept album artwork carnival arun shenoy
This concept album offers impressive artwork and two 24-page booklets!

The first single: Sugar Free
A Stagey Bank Affair by Arun Shenoy & The Groove Project:  This album says 'funk!' From the first beat I was engaged and grooving in my seat. The arrangements are excellent and the performances are tight. The instrumentation takes you from funk to jazz, but with rock rhythms. Some great instrumental gymnastics from the flutist (Ravichandra Kulur) amongst other instrumentalists. All A grade players. In 'Art-speak' I'm likening it to a cross between Takashi Murakami (The Warhol of Japan), Leon Zernitsky (Great Jazz painter) but with traditional origins from Paul Gauguin. 

Great work and stunning presentation, the packaging is truly exceptional.
- Fiona Joy

Fiona Joy is an internationally-acclaimed pianist, composer, producer, singer and painter who enjoys reviewing the musical works of her contemporaries by drawing connections between their music and works of art. Visit her website for music, art, jewelry & more.    

Friday, May 6, 2016

Going Beyond Mainstream Music

ZMR Continues A Tradition of Drawing Top New Age, World, Ambient and Electronica Artists to New Orleans...catch the ZMR Awards Tomorrow Night at The Joy Theater!

Deuter: Lifetime Achievement Award, 2016
Zone Music Reporter (aka ZMR) kicked off tonight at The Vacherie!  An impressive lineup of presenters and performers are scheduled for the weekend concert at The Joy Theatre in New Orleans, Saturday May 7, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. 

Fans of new age, world, ambient, solo piano and electronic music are in The Crescent City this weekend to celebrate the greatest artists in alternative instrumental music at the 12th Annual ZMR Music Awards.  A showcase for legendary and newer artists alike, this year’s ZMR Music Awards will feature performances by Darlene Koldenhoven, Erik Scott, Jennifer Zulli, Jonn Serrie, Louis Colaiannia, Paul Avgerinos, Robin Spielberg, Ron Korb and Terra Guitarra. Biographies of the performers can be seen at 

The evening’s highlight will be honoring German born, Santa Fe based composer and multi-instrumentalist Deuter for his groundbreaking career, which began with the release of his debut album D in 1971 and has included over 60 recordings. He is known for his meditative style which blends elements of Eastern and Western music, as well as his mastery of a multitude of ethnic instruments and continued exploration of new frequencies and resonances. 
“One thing that is important for me is that I love dancing on the edge of the unknown- to play around and open doors I haven’t walked through before,” Deuter says. It is this very outlook that has kept him at the forefront of musical evolution for over four decades. Over the years, he has released albums with Kuckuck Schallplatten, Higher Octave Music, Celestial Harmonies and New Earth Records. His most recent albums including the compilation Eternity, an album of nature sounds he recorded himself and his newest releases Mystic Voyage, Reiki Hands of Love and Illumination of the Heart, all released in 2015.

David Arkenstone and your's truly, 2014.
The show will be hosted by renowned music writers RJ Lannan and Bill Binkelman, with Award Presentations by Steven Halpern, Jennifer DeFrayne, Tom Carleno, Ricky Kej, Ann Sweeten, Erik Scott, and Candice Michelle. In addition to the performers and presenters, popular artists – many of whom are also nominees -- confirmed to attend include Fiona Joy, Get Tribal, Hans Christian, Andy Mitran, Al Jewer, Lisa Downing, Wouter Kellerman, Jeff Oster, Neil Tatar, Kori Carothers, Josie Quick, Bruce Hecksel, Bob Ardern, Sensitive Chaos, Jeff Pearce, David Nevue, Paul Speer, Barbara Hills, Catherine Marie Charlton, Cathy McIntyre Oakes, Jim Combs, and more, providing a great opportunity for fans, artists, and broadcasters alike to meet and mingle.

Open to the public, the event welcomes music lovers from across the globe, as well as local residents preferring quieter vibes following the city’s famous Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest events. One of the best-priced concerts of its kind, the show includes hours of live performances by myriad ZMR and GRAMMY® award-winning artists, with the awards presentations in between acts. 

Will Ackerman (Windham Hill/Imaginary Road)
 & friends performing in recent years. 

With the continuous growth of the small, privately owned ZMR Music Chart & Awards, several exciting satellite shows are scheduled around town on the nights leading up to the event. Renowned electronic guitarist Jeff Pearce performs an intimate FREE show at Pete’s Pub at the Intercontinental Hotel on Friday, May 6 at 11 p.m. Electronic artists Sensitive Chaos, allthecolorsofthedark with Mark Louque and Proud Father will play on Thursday, May 5 at the Mudlark Public Theatre at 9 p.m.

The ZMR Music Awards are a hugely popular event amongst music industry professionals. A great many recording artists, performers, radio promoters, producers and a slew of industry executives travel from all corners of the globe to attend the weekend-long celebration, which has joined with InterContinental New Orleans as its official hotel partner this year. 

The 2015 event was an overwhelming success, turning into a four-day triumph, and this year promises to be bigger and brighter than ever, with multiple networking and social events rounding out the weekend. For over a decade, Zone Music Reporter has been establishing itself as the premier resource for the best in New Age, World, Electronic/Ambient and Instrumental music. New Orleans’ Joy Theater has become the spiritual home of the yearly ZMR Music Awards. 

Peter Kater (Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree, 2015) & Tina Malia
Winners will be announced live in New Orleans on May 7, 2016; the awards are interspersed with live concert performances, beginning at 7:00pm. There are thirteen categories voted on by Radio Programmers and DJs this year, including Album of the Year, Best New Artist, Best Piano Solo, Best Acoustic, Best Ambient, Best Contemporary Instrumental Album, Best Chill/Groove Album, Best Electronic Album, Best World Album, and many more. For a complete list of categories and nominees, please visit Zone Music Reporter. A sampling of performances from recent ZMR Award Shows can be viewed here on YouTube

Follow the ZMR Awards on Facebook at: 

Friday, April 8, 2016

What to Do in DTLA this Weekend: Wiznu Studio's Artful Salute to Women

The Power of Women - Gallery Gala and Benefit

Fine Art - Spoken Word Performance - Hors d'Oeuvres and Wine Pairings
Benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Saturday, April 9, 7-11 pm
Tix $20 at 

DTLA, home of Wisnu Studios; photo by Michael Wisnieux
WIZNU Studio
724 South Spring Street #703
Los Angeles, CA 90014
United States 

Miss that happening art scene you loved in NYC, Chicago, Seattle?  Feel it this Saturday, as WIZNU Studio throws wide its doors this Saturday in it's artful salute to the Power of Women, with a multitude of mediums by and about women's strength and spirit.  Cast aside all those old paradigms, and enjoy food, wine and enlightenment with this forward-thinking group of cutting edge artists and producers.

The exhibition of sculpture, painting, and photography titled THE POWER OF WOMEN is open Saturday, April 9 from 7pm to 11pm at WIZNU Studio  724 S. Spring St. #703, Los Angeles CA 90014.  This gorgeous loft gallery event features visual art of women plus their words and music, with performances by DOLLHOUSE Actress Miracle Laurie and Rockabilly sensation & new Second City discovery Maureen Davis.   Live performers include poetic readings and monologues by award-winning stuntwoman/actress Carly Sunae; SheTech founder, radio announcer & opera singer Rebekkah Hilgraves; and Spoken Wordsters Kelli Ostara & Anna Broome.

Hors d'oeuvres and wine pairings will be served amidst art on display and for sale, with partial proceeds donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

About the artists:

TANYA RAGIR'S art speaks the language of the feminine. Her most recent work - The Warrior Series, centers around states of being; facing internal/external barriers  struggle and loss,  risk and trust. Tanya sculpts in clay. Pieces are fired or cast in bronze, aluminum, stainless steel and polyester resin. Sizes range from inches to monumental. Her art reveals the very process by which the authentic expression of the feminine is centered between opposites, particularly in the historically contentious arena of sensuality versus power. 

DANNY GREENE says "I paint women because to me, there is nothing harder to capture than the ecstatic beauty and power that women possess."  After a near-fatal car collision, Danny, suffering from Post-Concussion Syndrome, was urged by his doctor to paint - for therapeutic benefits. People became shapes and colors, and he started noticing subtle changes of value, which appear to him as triangles of light. He is inspired by the works of Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Diego Rivera, Francois Nielly, Frida Kahlo, and Pablo Picasso. Danny Greene's hope is for his story & art to touch and inspire as many people as possible. He hopes that everyone becomes aware of their hidden talent dwelling inside them, scratching to get out.

MICHAEL WISNIEUX's life has been shaped by the love of women. "Mom was the beneficent Leo ruler of our family." Each project Michael has embraced has received the grace of mother Phyllis' love and nurturance. Michael's photographic legacy includes covering the historically influential Chicago music scene of the 1980s and 90s, capturing some of the most prolific icons of rock-and-roll: David Bowie, Dizzy Gillespie, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Peter Murphy and also Janet Jackson and Bj√∂rk, whose photos are featured prominently as part of his contribution to the POW Gala Exhibit.

Actress MIRACLE LAURIE - featured live performer - is best known for her role as Mellie on Joss Whedon's DOLLHOUSE, with numerous film and TV projects with Alan Cumming, Garret Dillahunt, Josh Duhamel and Dan Fogler also to her credit.  Her newest project, Insane Jane, based on the cult comic book from Bluewater/StormFront Productions is currently in development. It is the story of a deluded, yet-well-meaning heroine who believes she has super powers and just might. When not acting or producing, she is one half the duo UKE BOX HEROES with her husband, actor Christopher May.

MAUREEN DAVIS - gala host - is lead singer of the popular rockabilly band Maureen and the Mercury 5, who have successfully crossed over from retro rock to mainstream with SRO performances at the star-studded Ultimate Jam Nights produced by Chuck Wright of Quiet Riot. She is "the first female band leader in late night history" (The Star) on Second City's late night talk show AFTER DARK WITH JULIAN CLARK. Davis was in the original cast of the Tony-winning "Into the Woods" with Bernadette Peters, and has toured the world and played Carnegie Hall.  As a TV/film songwriter her music can be heard on CBS, NBC, ABC and the Oscar-winning film "The Descendants" with George Clooney.

ODEYA NINI is a vocalist and composer of contemporary and experimental music. Her work is an investigation of inner dialogue, polarization, cohabitation and the meaning of validity. As both a composer and soloist, her music acknowledges the arch from silence to noise and all its variant sonic exposures.

For more information, press and VIP passes or to schedule an interview, contact Julie Ann Keller at or 559-287-6698.


WIZNU Studio
724 South Spring Street #703
Los Angeles, CA 90014
United States