Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Black Friday Challenge

 Top 12 Ways to Give Back This Season


Have you thought about where you will spend your money this weekend, with all the options available for Black Friday Sales and Small Business Saturday?

"How can I possibly help?" That's the disheartening thought we have when we see the vast gap of wealth and opportunities between rich and poor. Your local houses of worship or local organizations and schools that gather donations to support their programs, will be happy to remind you that every penny counts!
I don't know about you, but I know in my heart when I've crossed the line between conscious spending and fiscal gluttony, especially if I've recently passed up a chance to support my community.
It's the kickoff to the Holidays, and we want to enjoy the Season, right? Tempting bargains abound! It makes good sense/cents to think about your spending plan so that you come away feeling empowered by your money, and uplifted by your good fortune. So I offer you this formula for consideration: from every dollar that you save, put 10 cents or more toward "paying it forward" in some way.
So, not to be a total buzzkill, I suggest having fun on Black Friday if you are so blessed, and then tally up your savings to support Small Business Saturday! Here are 12 easy ideas, either for yourself or for gifting:
1) attend a gig, or buy a CD, Vinyl or merchandise from an indie musician
2) shop to find sole proprietors of jewelry, crafts, beauty
3) visit your local coffee shop (skip the big chains for a day!)
4) pre-order or give local experiences: classes, bowling, tours, tastings (esp. good for gifting to Millenials!)
5) subscribe to a local magazine, or buy a local author's book
6) give a visit to a local hair or nail salons, or blow-dry bar (date night!)
7) seek out local/artisanal beer, wine, tea, cheese, or honey
8) join a club: hiking, painting, knitting, reading
9) take that music lesson or singing lesson (or two, or three!)
10) purchase beautiful cards or stationery, and write to a friend
11) use a ridesharing service to get around town (no parking hassles!)
l2) give time, money, supplies...the YMCA, Senior Centers, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Homeless Shelters, Food Banks and Animal Shelters all welcome visits and donations more than you know!
I just know that if you give my Black Friday Challenge (share w #BFC) a try, you'll get off the beaten track and meet new people, while also feeling great about sharing your prosperity and making your community a little brighter.
BONUS: Squeeze in ALL 12 suggestions between Small Business Saturday and New Year's Day. Reply in comments with your list of "12 Gives" and automatically be entered to win a "New Year - New You" gift package, shipped to your home!

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