Monday, December 9, 2013


We couldn't agree more with our fellow blogger over at Punky's Picks, who has "nailed it" with her short, sweet list of the key, basic holistic health products every household should keep in stock and use daily.  I've tried everything on the list and swear by them as well, especially the Sovereign Silver.  I'd also throw Airborne and Cold Calm by Boiron into the mix for the wintertime, specifically to fight the onset of colds and flu!

See Punky's full list HERE!

Friday, December 6, 2013


Vocalist Kristin Amarie's stunning new album, Notes from a Journey (Amarie Music, 2013), is catching the ear of audiences world-wide, from her native Norway to the U.S. and beyond.  Amarie takes inspiration from her life as a global citizen, composing rich and cinematic pieces incorporating world influences, soaring vocals, and even lyrics by pianist and fiance' David Lanz. Below, an excerpt from a review by One World Radio founder and host, Steve Sheppard....

Another first for me, a review for a vocal based musician, but on an album with some very fine artists upon as well, such as David Lanz among others. Notes From A Journey will have many comparisons made on its style, but there is a certain worldly uniqueness about this release.

Starting with the powerful opening track First Light; recently there have been many artists who have used this title and have not totally grasped the concept or the opportunity on the subject matter, but here we see Amarie doing just that, a composition that builds in Arkenstone style and powerfully opens the petals of a new day. Trust me, try going up into the mountains just before sun up, and as the rays of Sol burst free from the shrouds of the night, crank this up full volume and see what reaction you have, dramatic I can guarantee.

Amore Eterno, is as smooth as silk, it’s as smooth as 1960’s film score from a Monte Carlo Michael Caine movie, its slides delicately across the palette of the musical mouth and grins from cheek to cheek with a certain ambience that only this song can do, a wistful and charming vocal from Amarie delivers a stunningly sensual performance on Amore Eterno.....

....Notes From A Journey is an album that everyone should spend time pursuing, it is a release of perfection and a slice of production genius and I personally have revelled in its majesty for the past forty minutes and loved every second of it, get this one in your music collection and your ears will love you forever.  

Find Steve's full review here, or listen to Kristin's Album Show interview with Chrissie!