Monday, August 2, 2010

bijoutiere: jewelry imbued with peace and love

I recently had the pleasure of meeting owners Donna and Mary of bijoutiere inc. jewelery designs. I was so taken with their delicate rose gold and silver bracelets with beads that I bought two...which is how they're meant to be worn anyway, stacked and layered. I'm saving up for a few necklaces now; some pieces are pricey depending on the materials used, but all the stones and gems are real.

Although the designers make no claim to creating jewelery with harmonic properties, I believe they both intuit a peaceful and spiritual vibe while creating the pieces. You are encouraged to see for yourself!

Prayer for Today

We breathe in faith, and exhale hopelessness
We breathe in gratitude, and exhale indifference
We breathe in beauty, and exhale insensitivity
We breathe in joy, and exhale sadness
We breathe in kindness, and exhale harshness
We breathe in forgiveness, and exhale resentment
We breathe in love, and exhale isolation.

- Edwin C. Lynn