Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Article: How Light/Higher Frequencies are Anchored on Earth

by Thomas Pafe

The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 was the flag bearer - the highlighting, opening of our Ascension timeline/season.

Ascension as we all know is a business of Energy Integration, Shifts, Vibration and Frequency - the transition/graduation into a higher vibrating frequency version of Earth; an Earth of joy, balance and harmony (in short a return to Love). It can be assimilated to a transition from AM to FM band (3D to 5D .).

Ascension is the process we each undergo as we develop spiritually and raise our vibrations, allowing more light into our beings; a different method/approach of accomplishing the karmic cycle without passing through physical death.
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"My Miracle" performed on 9/11 by Danny Wright

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Indian Women Find Opportunity with Yoga Gives Back

Yoga is a gift from ancient India, embraced by the West. Today, however 76% of India's population—800 million people—live below the poverty line of $2.50 a day.

Non-profit organization Yoga Gives Back has a mission to mobilize the global yoga community to empower women in India to build sustainable livelihoods.

Inspired by Nobel Peace Prize recipient Dr. Muhammad Yunus’ revolutionary micro financing breakthrough, Yoga Gives Back supports micro credit programs in India which lend small loans to women in particular, who have no access to capital. Additionally, the organization developed “Sister Aid” programs where YGB directly funds education, vocational training and micro credit programs for struggling mothers, girls and orphans. Women are the best poverty fighters—the most effective return on investment for development dollars is an investment in women. With $25 a month, mothers can start their own businesses; girls and orphans can go to school. is a new online store that serves the yoga community with “Purposeful Living Essentials.”  The company has designed a special cuff bracelet for yoga practitioners to wear in support of the work that Yoga Gives Back is doing.  The cuff retails for just $25 and $10 goes straight to Yoga Gives Back.

The cuffs will be featured at the second annual Global Day of Support “Thank You Mother India” to be held on Saturday, September 29th in Malibu, California.  For more information about the even, to to

Those who want to contribute to Yoga Gives Back through the purchase of one of these original cuffs may find them online at:  DharmaSmart co-founder Lissa Coffey says: “We are big fans of what Yoga Gives Back is doing to help the women of India to build their own businesses and to educate their children.  It is an honor to have this opportunity to give back to a country and culture that has given us so much valuable ancient wisdom.”