Thursday, July 12, 2018


Award-winning composer David Wahler has created a minimalist body of work imbued with peace and tranquility. Having been immersed in music since the age of seven years old, Wahler’s approach to his arrangements displays a true understanding of what music should be: something evocative. He removes all the frills that are displayed in a lot of modern music and simply presents his audience with solid melodies and serene nuances.
Composer David Wahler
Nearly a decade ago, David Wahler’s debut album, Antiquus, was released and met with critical acclaim. Now with his latest release of Mosaic, he tactfully melds the two worlds of piano melodies and electronic soundscapes into an album reminiscent of the 80s and 90s. 

The title track of the album showcases that ability perfectly well. What seems like a simple song is so much more when put under the microscope, with every little individual sound coming together as a collective to create something much greater and larger as a whole. Following, “Afterain” comes in with a far more laid-back and relaxing vibe. Birds sing and wind chimes tinker along with some gentle vocalization. This track is less of a song and more so of a mood. It isn’t until “A Promise to Keep” that Wahler comes in with his trademark piano melodies. They aren’t the most complex melodies but they definitely serve their purpose in setting a pleasant atmosphere. Hitting the midway point of the album, “August Cloud” explores more of the same territory utilizing simple piano melodies and subdued electronic nuances to create a sound that transports the listener out of their head and into a different world, high above the clouds.

In an unexpected twist, the track “Elysian Dawn” comes in strong with mesmerizing angelic operatic vocals layered on top of a pleasant harp melody. Gentle sounds of the outdoors help to evoke the sensation of being out in a lush garden on a sunny day. “Sakura” is laden with subtle Japanese influences that evoke the memories of a spring bloom. Similar in tone, “Lone Sky Night” and “Fou D’Amour” go heavy on the 80s-influenced synthesizer, giving off a more stylized vibe than some of the other pieces. Ending the album with a question, “Why?” is one of the simplest, most pensive of the tracks. After taking you on a mystical journey, Wahler leaves you pondering.

A true example of modern new age music, Mosaic does a great job at putting the listener at peace. It takes true skill to be able to evoke emotions using a minimalistic approach and David Wahler accomplishes just that. To read more about David, go to his website at and make sure to purchase his latest album, Mosaic, available on most music sites; you'll also want to check out his innovative design-inspired SounDecor playlists on Spotify.

Samantha Garcia