Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seay is a Name We Will All be Saying Soon Enough

I had the immense pleasure of meeting an emerging artist named Seay (pron. "say") and working with her to create a press release that would encompass all of her wonderful projects and inspirations. Read it here:

Seay Makes the Decade With the Icons of New Age Music

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Project-Peace On Earth

This global project is an incredible undertaking! I love the video introduction, which underscores the importance of often forgotten by the media (unless it's rock/pop/rap!) and cast as a stepchild to the other senses. There are big names supporting awareness of the event, but each of us can donate directly to it via the website. I truly hope this project will come to fruition, its visioneers like Steve Robertson have pursued it for so long. Kudos to AOMusic for the wonderful music and video! Learn more at Project-Peace On Earth

YouTube - Project Peace on Earth-AOMUSIC

I've recently worked with the AOMusic team, and they're hearts are pure, their good will endless...but their purses are not bottomless. Please help to support Project Peace on Earth

See the video: YouTube - Project Peace on Earth-AOMUSIC

Michele De Wilton Plays Free Concert in Columbus OH this Saturday Night

Michele de Wilton's piano music is a must-hear for families that want to share the beauty of classical crossover music with their children and still have something interesting to talk about! Her pieces are inspired by myths gathered from around the world, some well-known, others local legends. It'll be fun for kids to try to interpret the emotions in the music, and the changing of the story lines. See the beautiful music video "The Ice Maiden" for an example of Michele's musical chops and dramatic gift!

Radiant Sky by Scott August Offers Contemplative Soundscapes with Exotic World Music Edge

The masterful Scott August has created this beautifully meditative album, perfect for relaxing, massage, spa or just dreaming :)

Radiant Sky by Scott August Offers Contemplative Soundscapes with Exotic World Music Edge