Monday, November 10, 2014



BEING Gets Intimate in Q&A with Aussie Artists Fiona Joy & Trysette 
as their third U.S. tour kicks off in the Southwest.

4 shows THIS WEEK in Albuquerque, Sedona, Tempe and Tucson!

Q:  Hi, gals, it’s great to see you again! So, for those who don’t know your show, is it safe to call it "an evening of contemporary music and storytelling?"  

A.  FIona (laughing): It's been quite a year and there are loads of new stories to tell, so, yes, that description fits nicely.

Q: This is your 3rd time ‘round the U.S., so can you tell us what new treats you have prepared for this tour?

A.  Fiona: Well, we both have new albums, which is really exciting.  I’m playing tracks from Signature – Solo, which I just recorded in hi-rez digital for my audiophile fans.  It includes “Grace” a version of which just charted on a #1 Billboard Album.  

A:  Trysette: I’ve put together a new solo album of piano and vocals to replace my 4 track EP Neutral Bay Session, which will be available exclusively at the shows.  I’m also adding brand new songs to the show, which I've been recording for my full band album due to be released in March 2015.

Q: Trysette, tell us, how are the two of you getting on these days? We’ve seen your videos, you know, and one might sense a bit of artistic "tension" at times. Any video updates in the pipeline?  

A:  Trysette:  Well, you know, Fiona is back to being “blonde” so it’s very “important” that we capture that (rolls her eyes).  We actually started making a third video on our last tour, so let's see if we can get something out this time around. It’s all on me, as usual.
Q. Fiona, are you going to get stuck with all the driving again, or will you make a stand this year? 

A. Fiona: Trysette is actually a really good driver – but I’m happy to drive and let her “help me” be better at it.  She always has the BEST "advice" on the road. (wink wink).

Q. You gals get a lot of credit for boosting the opening acts that you choose in various cities. Who’ve you got for us this year?

A. Fiona: We’ve got TheFinzer/Mahoney Duo in New Mexico and Arizona, and Jeffrey Pine in Colorado.  Both acts are  really terrific, we're excited to share them with our fans.

A.     TRYSETTE - Something we really love to do is invite a bunch of students onto the stage in Grand Junction, CO to sing on one of our songs. These students attend a workshop with us during the day before the show and we teach them the harmonies. It's a thrill for them and their parents. This year, I plan to teach them an indigenous Australian song by the Tiddas. I think they'll enjoy it. We’d love to do this in other cities, too, by the way, if there are any interested music teachers out there.

Q.    What’s next, after the tour ends in December? 
A. Fiona:  Quite a lot of globe-trotting, actually. I have an L.A.-area show in early December, then Christmas in Vermont, the Grammy's in February, China in April, presenting at the ZMR Awards in April, and an audiophile show in Munich, Germany to promote my hi-resolution album Signature – Solo.  Then I'll master Signature – Studio with Bob Ludwig in Portland, Maine, and perform at The S.H.O.W in Orange County, followed by a small Aussie tour in September and then Christmas again!

A.  TRYSETTE:  I plan to stay on here in the States to finalize and release my fourth album in March. I’m excited to do some pretty extensive touring to promote it, so maybe I’ll be back soon!

Q.  Sounds good, ladies, have a great trip, we'll see you in December in L.A.!


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Throckmorton, CA performance of Trysette’s “ Silky Fingers” 2013