Friday, October 18, 2013


Invitation from Within 
Once again celebrating the mystical healing powers of the flute, Ann Licater—who masterfully performs on Native American, Native American-style, Silver and Alto Flutes and Peruvian Huaca—creates (or shall we say, channels from a place of transcendence) a melodically and rhythmically inventive, gloriously dreamy and soul soothing third solo album. True to its title, it draws our hearts as an Invitation from Within—an opportunity to explore our inner selves and come to a state of grace and deeper self-awareness on the wings of a lush and often magical musical journey. 
         Ann Licater
                  Photo by DArcy Allison Teasley
Many of these 12 tracks include beautiful and haunting harmonies provided by everything from Jeff Oster’s trumpet (the richly hypnotic “Cradle of Light”) to Ivar Lunde’s grand piano (which inhabits five of the songs), and the excellent percussionists Kathleen Farrell (hand held crystal bowls), David DiLullo (Peruvian Cajon) and Jason Introwitz (conga, steel tongue drum) add well placed bursts of primal magic. 
Yet by design, Licater’s soul centerpiece, the true focus, is on the shifts in consciousness that only her variety of lead flute lines can create. Invitation from Within brings the listener to a place he or she will long want to stay. It’s a musical triumph, but more importantly, a triumph for the soul.
                        – Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

ACTION MOVES PEOPLE: A Spoken Word & Music Album to Support Global Nonprofit MOVE THIS WORLD

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Earlier this month, a group of Grammy Award-Winning producers and performers joined together to release an inspirational charity album ACTION MOVES PEOPLE to benefit the non-profit organization MOVE THIS WORLDa global nonprofit that uses creative movement to address and transform conflict and violence in communities. All proceeds from the sales of this CD benefit the MOVE THIS WORLD charity.

ACTION MOVES PEOPLE is a collection of poems and songs for people of all ages. Some are gentle songs, others are edgier, a purposeful range in style in pursuit of conveying that we are all one people, regardless of race, religion, age and lifestyle; that we can all endure the challenges of life, uplift ourselves and one another, and help each other through life's easy and difficult moments. 

It's always interesting and inspiring to see who turns up to support on another on cause albums such as this one.  Here, the range is eclectic, and includes international artists John Wetton (Asia, King Crimson, UK), Japanese Progressive group Electric Asturias, renowned children's musician Bobby Susser and others coming together with luminaries like world-renowned author/researcher Colin Andrews. 

Recently, Heather Caton MSW, President of the World Genesis Foundation, said, “ACTION MOVES PEOPLE is a wonderful collaboration and has brought amazing hearts and minds together. May it continue to have such a positive and uplifting effect, bringing peace and connecting people. It is such an uplifting feeling to be connecting with more and more people who share the same vision of our world in harmony; of a peaceful co-existence with people from all walks of life, race, culture, religion, and lifestyle. Our connection with each other makes us stronger, we can make a world of difference working together." 
In partnership with schools, community-based organizations, families and corporations, MTW is building and connecting more peaceful communities with over 10,000 individuals across 22 cities and 4 continents.

The album, its content and mission, has been applauded by music luminaries such as Paul Simon, Billy Vera and Ben E. King. The producers on the project included Kevin Mackie, Krista Wallhagen, Whitney Peyton, Rave Tesar, Kevin Frank, and Bobby Susser. The album debuted on August 27th, 2013 through Kevin Mackie Productions and will be distributed via CD Baby, with proceeds going to MOVE THIS WORLD.
Regarding the album collaboration, Bobby Susser (an award-winning children's musician and lecturer who contributed to two pieces plus the liner notes) commented “I've worked for forty two years writing and recording children's songs. While I've tried to entertain them, I've always made a very conscious effort to teach them something. So, when Kevin Mackie asked me to write some lyrics and recite them for a Spoken Word album, "Action Moves People", I jumped at the chance. The fact that the album will benefit children has always been a philosophy of mine. In addition, the fact that this is a non-profit, charity project made it more appealing. I'm especially proud to have joined Kevin and his team in their production efforts on their very worthy album for a very worthy cause.”

Bobby Susser, producer, musician and lecturer, with his inspirational sidekick.
Susser’s reading of the spoken word piece he wrote for the album can be heard on his YouTube channel at  Just click to listen and explore more about MOVE THIS WORLD or ACTION MOVES PEOPLE.