Thursday, August 29, 2013

Men and Women Working Together to Highlight a Forgotten Female Icon of Cinema

Alice Guy-Blaché  One of Cinema's first directors, and the first female director...yet few of heard of her.

Now a team has gathered, including Robert Redford, to tell this story of this icon, and help to inspire man and woman in cinema and the world. 

Some quick points to catch you up to speed (from Wikipedia):

  • Alice Guy-Blaché is the first female film maker and is responsible for creating one of the first narrative films in 1896.[8] 
  • Guy’s career of 24 years of directing, writing and producing films is the longest career of any of the cinema pioneers.[9] 
  • From 1896 to 1920, Guy directed over 400 films, 22 of which are feature-length films.
  • Guy was and still is the only woman to ever manage and own her own studio, The Solax Company.

Despite these accomplishments, she is rarely, if ever, mentioned among her peers in the history of cinema, and most professionals in the industry are completely unaware of her work. Few of her films survive in an easily viewable format (primarily those involving Charlie Chaplin), although preservation and recovery efforts are ongoing by the PIC Agency.[10]"   (As taken from her wikipedia page).

That is going to change! Since the start of this project over 100 of her films have been recovered!Check out the video HERE.

Upworthy as seen on Facebook,did a great job helping to promote the project and get it funded. 

Upworthy subscribers ended up contributing over 80,000 dollars of the $200,000 Kickstarter goal that was surpassed. 

As the funding film states: "Alice was written out of film history but we now realize, to tell her story is to tell the history of Film."

Click HERE to watch the video and for more information on how to contribute.

Thanks for reading and helping to share Alice's story and legacy with the world. 

by Andrea Dolbec