Thursday, January 17, 2013

FOR OUR CHILDREN: Digital Music Compilation Benefits Sandy Hook for $1+

Cover art by Jessica Waters.

In my life, I've found that music helps me in the space when the shock of a tragedy subsides but healing still feels a long way off.  When there are just no "right" words to say, it is MUSIC that often makes the silence more bearable.  

In the wake of Sandy Hook, I'm not ready for the anger-filled debates underway, I'm still in a place of mourning and introspection, remaining open to guidance and wisdom far beyond my own.  To me, it is still a time for prayers, for mourning kaddishes, for meditation, and sympathy.

However, it is inspiring to see some finding a way out of the sorrow with positive action. I found a wonderful compilation on Bandcamp today, and chose to contribute while also filling my world with healing sounds and thoughts. While surely there will be mainstream music tribute concerts for Sandy Hook in the near future, the quiet pensiveness of this album strikes me as striking the right note for now. 
For Our Children is a digital-only compilation from an organization called Sound for Good: Good Music for a Good Cause. Apparently, they create compilations for fundraising, attracting people with a very low minimum of $1, and then donating all the proceeds to the cause. In this case, they've teamed up with 30 artists from various genres and HEALING NEWTOWN ( a division of the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission. 

The collective message from the artists reads "Our message in the album is to shine your light. We have come together as artists to support the healing process of those impacted by the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy of December 14th, 2012. This album serves as sound healing comfort for children and adults throughout the world."

This is a soothing compilation, punctuated by spoken word and chant.  Ironically, I feel that those who would most benefit from this sound healing are those who've pushed aside the healing process and jumped into the angry fray over their own issues.  I do hope this music will find its way to them, and they'll save some precious time for the mourning and community building that is so necessary. 

Please read more and explore the generous artists at: Bandcamp's designated site for the album.

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