Monday, January 7, 2013

L.A. Premiere Announcement: THE BLUE JEWEL

This week, the beautiful award-winning documentary The Blue Jewel will premiere on Thursday Jan 10, 2013 at the Laemmle's MusicHall Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA, with other local screenings to follow.  Preview it now, and learn more about the film and ticketing in the story below...

Below, enjoy a Note from the Producer, who will attend the Premiere for a Q&A, along with Pepper Lewis:

THE BLUE JEWEL – A documentary movie about Planetary Healers 

by Oliver Hauck

We all live at a time of great change and transformation, be it regarding our global climate, our economical and financial thinking, break-ups in our sentimental relationships or in our daily work life.

Structures which have held so far seem to be crumbling, and we begin to question them. As a result, a lot has lost its balance.

The film „The Blue Jewel“ proposes new solutions to restore this balance. This equilibrium is so important to be able to live in peace, which is what each and every one of us wishes in the end. In peace with oneself, in peace within one’s relationship, with other people and, last but not least, in peace with our Earth, the planet we are sharing – simply because there is no second Earth, no third one, just this one we need to find a way to share

How might our world look if human beings were to realize that they are one with the Earth? We human beings are made of the same materials as a volcano or a raincloud, and the pulse of the Earth is one with the heartbeats of mankind. We must understand that we human beings are also conscious, intelligent beings with free will, who can take responsibility for ourselves and our planet at any moment.

Imagine if human beings were to discover this unique feature within themselves, and to understand how important each one of us is to create a peaceful and loving World together.

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