Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Beauty in Alt Rock?

Is there still substance in Rock music? Absolutely! The alternative band Lifehouse is probably one of the first rock bands I'll introduce to my young son, thanks to their ability to express love and positivity in their music and lyrics; the lead singer seems to embrace the ability to see beauty in the everyday, which this blog is all about!

The band caught everyone's ear years ago with their first hit "Hanging by a Moment" and then again when their music was used for the hit TV show Smallville. Back then, I'd been invited to submit music from some of the Warner music artists for that pilot as well, but when Lifehouse's "Everything" was chosen, it was clearly the right music for the show. Since then, the band release several successful albums, including Smoke & Mirrors in March 2010.

This is music that I love, too...could this be the rock band that helps you bridge the gap with your kids? Listen and read the lyrics on this video...

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