Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Art & Poetry Creating Bridges Across Cultures

Sometimes we meet people in the strangest of places, people who will change our lives in a direct or indirect way. Sometimes you sense it right away, other times it comes through as an interesting or unexpected comment.

I met a stranger after my son's swimming lesson, when she asked me for help with her jade necklace. I commented on the lovely piece, and a we began a relaxed conversation while getting the kids dressed. She inquired about my love of crystals, and I about her singing. An enjoyable 15-minutes.

A week later, I looked this kind stranger up, and found that she teaches and inspires creativity, and one of her organizations -- Create a Bridge -- has supported such inspiring pieces as Christel Guarnier's "If I Could I Would." I was thrilled to find this site, as I'm passionate about visual and sound/music projects! I encourage you to click through to explore this beautiful work:

If I Could I Would - Christel Guarnier - Create A Bridge Between Cultures

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