Monday, November 4, 2019

MUSIC VIDEO Mini-Review: "Autumn in a Forest Glade" by Rudy Adrian

This peaceful video was called "resplendent" and "anointed" when it debuted on a Facebook Watch Party. If you love Autumn, forests and crisp walks as much as I do, this video may become your favorite for instant relaxation, meditation, or mindfulness sessions. 

Shot as if one is walking - and sometimes flying - through the forest of changing light and color, one marvels at the massiveness of redwoods and the delicacy of dewy ferns. One senses the stillness and wonder of walking in the wood, enhanced by Adrian's unobtrusive soundscapes.

 Composer-musician Rudy Adrian's career in Botany and Forestry is evident in the music of Woodlands, a reverent new ambient electronic album presenting 13 tracks including "Autumn in a Forest Glade." Video created by Daniel Pipitone of Spotted Peccary Music, the Portland-based label whose apt slogan is: Music is Art.

Enjoy it in full screen on YouTube anytime life gets too busy.   

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