Wednesday, March 21, 2018

POETRY: They Were Here

Guest Poet: Vivek Kumar

Wild Horse Photos by James Anaquad Kleinert 

The following poem was written in honor of the album "They Were Here" by Byron Metcalf and Jennifer Grais:

"They were here:
Spirited, racing with the winds;
Talking to the gods
Artists photo by Richard Blum
With the rhythm of their hooves
And neighing in constant awareness of their
Majesty over the earth they ruled.
They danced with every step
And refused to be overawed
By any distance, any steppe, any tempest.
Gentle but untamed;
Powerful but non-violent.
Let's call them:
They will hear; they were here."

Regarding his inspiration, the poet shared, "I listen to this album daily and it is so uplifting--today, I felt like writing and this is what came out."

The Album: They Were Here 

Vivek Kumar is an India-based poet who often writes poems inspired by music. He maintains a blog

Hear the Mustang-inspired music that touched Vivek's heart halfway around the world in India at Bandcamp.

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