Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Review: Rest & Relax with Piano: Music for Rejuvenation of Body & Mind

Finding music to relax to is such an individual choice, which is why we love to share a variety of relaxing new music here on BEING.

This week, the premiere media company, Times Music, released "Rest & Relax with Piano" by Fiona Joy, subtitled Music for Rejuvenation of Body & Mind. While this is the Australian piano phenom's first release with the company, it is a point of interest that Fiona Joy is also featured on the 2015 Grammy-winning album Winds of Samsara, also distributed by Times in India.

Renowned music writer, Vivek Kumar, reviewed the album on last week, which can be seen here.
While the new album is only available in India, one can enjoy sampling all the music & merchandise of Fiona Joy on her official website. Her music is perfect for both "active listening" audiophiles, as well as entertaining, yoga, driving and, of course, relaxing.

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