Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Events: FIONA JOY – Performing Live at T.H.E. SHOW NEWPORT

  1. “Fiona Joy takes over from where George Winston left off…" says Cookie Marenco, five-time Grammy nominated Producer, Founder of Blue Coast Music Group. Fiona and Cookie have been enjoying a unique collaboration as they make waves in the audiophile world.
  2. This weekend, May 28 - 31st 2015, Fiona Joy will join with other Blue Coast Records artists to put a fresh face on the often lofty audiophile world, which leans toward classical and jazz recordings. Fiona Joy is a classically-trained (yet contemporary) composer pianist, producer and vocalist from Australia who has won over 50 international awards, including the 2013 ZMR Award for Best Instrumental Piano Album. In 2014 she contributed her song “Grace” to Winds of Samsara, an album that won a GRAMMY® Award for Best New Age Album. 
  3. Fiona is owner of Little Hartley Records, managing all aspects of her music worldwide, and releasing her work in various audiophile formats, including vinyl. She has ten albums to her name, including her most recent release, Signature – Solo, available in high-resolution DSD and SACD from Blue Coast Records; the album is being produced in additional formats and variations to enchant music lovers at every level. 
  4. Fiona Joy's live performances at T.H.E Show (taking place at Hotel Irvine) will last approximately 45 minutes. Since the performances are in the Lounge, there is no telling the level of sound quality, a bit ironic in that Fiona Joy is know to be perfectionistic about the listening experiences she provides her fans.  However, she says, "I loved meeting this community last year...they work hard, listen hard, and play the time they make it to the Lounge, we'll all be ready to unwind and I can't imagine they'll care too much about the hotel's sound system!"
  5. Fiona Joy will also spend a good bit of her show time in Blue Coast Music Group’s Hospitality Suite 546, from approximately 10-2 daily.
  6. Attendees are encouraged to drop in for FREE Gift Bags, BLUE COAST Music Sales, Signings...and lots of tasty Goodies!!!!

Fiona's Performances in Hotel Irvine - Lounge
Friday@ 5:00 in Lounge
Saturday @ 5:00 in Lounge
Sunday @ 4:00 in Lounge

Fiona's Artist/Producer Discussions in Blue Coast Recording Suite 547

Friday @ Noon - “Recording Process of Signature – Solo”
Saturday @ 11:00 - “Touring in China”
Sunday @ 11:00 - “Producing & Arranging”

For general meetings, Media interviews, Sponsorships, or Performance requests during THE Show, please text your request and timing/location details to Beth Hilton @ 310-560-8390.

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