Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother's Day gift ideas

Sunday May 12th  is almost here!

It can be hard to know what kind of gift to buy someone, no matter how much you love them. Some people love gift giving, but others can find themselves stumped or disappointed when they're not quite on the mark.
Here's a few Mother's Day gift ideas for husbands or partners who want to treat their special someone to music that speaks volumes!

First off let's try to break it down by some archetypes:  is she a romantic, down to earth, creature of comforts, an artistic type, etc.?

For "traditional" moms that enjoy pianos, roses and such, try Danny Wright's new piano album "A Mother's Love," with a bottle of red wine, some flowers and a framed photo of a beautiful moment.

Or, does she have more of a passionate or artistic flair? Maybe you want to try some luxurious bath salts, champagne, and copy of Al Conti's album "The Blue Rose" that follows a romantic fable. In the Asian myth, a princess who doesn't want to be forced into marriage declares she will marry the man who finds her a blue rose, unknown in nature. Her true love, in fact, finds that impossible blue rose. If you're especially ambitious, perhaps you'll dip the stem of a rose in blue dye to give to her.

And then, there are the women who enjoy spa packages, and those who would love the chance to indulge in a little TLC. Why not set up your own pampering session at home for the mother of your children, light some candles, warm the massage oil, and put on Fiona Joy Hawkins' beautiful album "Sensual Journeys."  As a bonus, arrange for the kids to stay at Grandma's.

Albums available:
Danny Wright: HERE
Al Conti: HERE
Fiona Joy Hawkins: HERE

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