Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We enjoyed reviewer John Olsen's review of the lovely Ms. Susan Boyle so much that we wanted to share it with you over this holiday break. We hope you'll take the time to relax and enjoy...

Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs From The Stage by Susan Boyle
It can be said the life story of Susan Boyle is an inspiration to those who know her best, but by all accounts, Susan Boyle is an inspiration to untold millions of people worldwide. It’s as if her sudden rise to stardom after appearing on the television reality show Britain’s Got Talent was meant to be, if not a dream come true.
Now with the prominence of a top ranked seasoned professional, best-selling albums, and top of the chart success covering five continents in over twenty countries, once again she is destined to sing her way into the hearts of millions.  (Click here to continue reading....)

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