Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Afternoon Journeys with Al Conti

We all have our unique body timing. For me, it seems that at 2:20 each day, my eyes wander to the clock and I know its time to have tea and refresh my mind. Music is a wonderful way to reawaken one's mind, especially if it's upbeat yet not disturbing to your coworkers.

That said, I'm glad to have discovered the music of award-winning composer Al Conti, after he won a Best of 2010 Award from His music is an upbeat hybrid of new age, world and contemporary instrumental with backstory that takes one to the land of the vikings (Northern Seas) or the Middle East (Scheherazade).

One can easily stream previews of Al's four albums on his website, or purchase CD or downloads from, where it is noted that people who bought his music also bought Enya, Yanni, Gandalf and Bill Leslie...good company to be in. Signing up for the Quarterly newsletter earns you a free download, too.

Appropriately, Northern Seas has been submitted to the 54th Annual GRAMMY(R)Awards for 2011 (Best Album: New Age); I wish this talented composer the very best of luck!

Follow Al's progress on composing and recording his forthcoming album at:

Twitter: @al_conti

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