Monday, June 21, 2010

Fishing, Donuts, 7 a.m. in Heaven

Beautiful moments occur when least expected. During a recent trip to Big Bear Lake, my son took up fishing. He seemed to enjoy it almost as much as his beloved airplane collection. Yet after two days, no fish and the loss of several lures, I had to use the bribe of donuts to convince him to get up and out while the fish were still biting.

We picked up our breakfast, drove onto the lake beach, put down a blanket, and threw the line in. Kicking back to wait for the fish to find us, we broke open the drinks and donuts. A prop plane took off over the lake, its bright yellow paint striking against the clear blue morning sky. West sighed deeply, pausing from eating his chocolate/chocolate sprinkle donut. Then he shared his simple moment of sugary-outdoor-airplane-inspired bliss.

"I think I'm in Heaven," he said, quietly, with the absolute conviction of a 5-year old.

"Me, too" I responded, understating my joy at his ability to appreciate and express such simple joys. "Fishing and doesn't get much better than this."

And come to think of it, I'm pretty sure that's true.

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