Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crystal Skulls: Ancient Made Modern

For whatever the reason, skulls abound in pop culture today. In film, fashion and jewelery, we see the iconic skull in the fourth Indiana Jones movie “INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL”, in the tattoo artist/fashion designer collaboration of Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier, and in the elaborate platinum skull rings of Stephen Einhorn.

Perhaps the most surprising commercial “skull” product is Crystal Head vodka, which comes in a clear glass skull bottle, costing about $50 retail. It is indeed a “spirit” of a sort, yet vodka and its effects do not really seem to jibe with the new age level of promoting consciousness and clarity of mind. The product’s website explains the history of the skulls to a mainstream audience via an entertaining and informative video featuring actor Dan Ackroyd.

Despite the trend, there are few opportunities to interact live with crystal skulls imbued with ancient wisdom. While Lia Scallon is known in Australia for her ceremonies and her channeling, she rarely visits the U.S. with Jomcata Mayab and She-Shona. Her everyday life is immersed in crystal skull consciousness, and she offers many crystal products on her Sounds of Sirius website, from crystal skulls to bowls and inspired channeled music like Diamond Light Meditation for Women (and another for Men). Her crystal jewelry -- “cleansed and charged” by her well-traveled crystal skulls in readiness for their new owners – is created through a design collaboration with celebrated Queensland designer Lindy Sullivan.

The Rose Temple will be the site for a rare spiritual happening with Lia Scallon on Thursday April 8th. Directly following three weeks of traveling the Mayan ruins and pyramids of Mexico, light worker Lia Scallon will conduct a ceremony sharing the wisdom and energy of Jomcata Mayab and She-Shona. Scallon will explain the significance of crystal skulls, and will lead the attendees in prayer and chant. Event participants are welcome and encouraged to bring their own crystals to the event to get charged with the ancient wisdom contained within Scallon’s crystal skulls.

Crystal Skull Activation ceremony begins at 7 p.m. on Thursday April 8th at the Rose Temple in Venice, 305 Rose Avenue, Venice, CA. Tickets are $25 at the door. Attendees are encouraged to bring their crystals and a flower offering for the alter.

For a comprehensive look at the history and current fascination with crystal skulls, visit a dedicated website at

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