Thursday, April 12, 2018


            Award-winning composer Michael Whalen has graced his audience with his latest work Kiss The Quiet: Meditations on Life and Love. The ten tracks on this album are each a tiny story that, together, tell a larger tale.  Each song is enshrouded in beautiful layers that work in unison to create a pacifying soundscape. With more work to his name than anyone can count, Whalen sets off to create something very personal and reflective of his own being.

Michael Whalen, composer/producer/performer.
            Kiss the Quiet is definitive of the New Age genre while still completely being its own thing. The use of reverb, damp yet bright notes, and perfectly accentuated atmospheric sounds engulf the listener in sonic energy. The heartfelt opening track “Kiss the Quiet” is a lulling composition that sets the peaceful and inviting tone for the rest of the album to follow. Its slow and lilting, but never loses interest. “Heart So Full of Joy” is poignant, yet emboldened by a cheerful piano melody.  “Full Moon Dance” continues upon the spiritually uplifting path; its gentle melody has an air of lullaby to it, leaving the listener in a reflective mood.

            Showing the darker side of his creative spirit, “The Prayer Box” is a departure into something deeper and thought-provoking.  The ambiance is still transcendent but delves further into the more somber corners of the human psyche.  Probably the most melancholy of the album, “My Obsequious Tear” is a blissful balance of beauty and sadness. “Hush the Night” continues with the lugubrious undertones seemingly completing the sentiment that the previous two songs expressed. Whalen’s use of space and hesitation in this track emit a sense of pensiveness for the matter that drives his songs.  Closing the album, “Ever Closer, Ever Nearer, Ever Sooner” brings the mood back up to hopeful. This composition serves as mediator signifying that the entirety of life is a delicate dance between the dark and the light.

            Michael Whalen’s incredible diversity and adaptability has earned him enormous success in the music world. It is a pleasure to hear something that is more personal to him. This soul-baring album can be enjoyed by anyone who wishes to be entranced by his masterful melodies. 

This Brooklyn-based, Emmy-winning artist presents some of the more interesting events in his genre, including visual music presentations in intimate settings. For more information on Michael Whalen, his music, and future performances, visit his updated website at

-Samantha Garcia, BEING

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