Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Woman's Day Scratches the Surface with Cursed Family Story

I read yet another sensational story about "family curses" today in Woman's Day Magazine, and it left me wishing that the writer would have taken the story to another level. Because I'm from one of those types of families, I struggled with anxiety about such curses for years, and I'm still overprotective of my son.

Our family experienced several teenager tragedies, sadly, and a few "close calls." I do believe there is something going on, but it's not a "curse." I've researched it a bit, and learned that there is something self-perpetuating about family tragedy; unless one is careful to guard against it, that is.

For instance, if a terrible death happens -- esp while doing something dangerous -- families tend to subconsciously think "that was it, it won't happen again" and they keep going on adventures or keep carrying on some dangerous legacy...sometimes being more careless just to "make them proud."

But statistics don't care who your relatives are...danger attracts accidents and that can be deadly. Depression after a loss can also lead to wider family depression; and then there is the awful yet prevalent myth that suicide is somehow genetic.

I'm not blaming the families; sometimes accidents are just that, and fate is just fate. But I do feel empathy with such families. I would love to see psychiatrists conduct more studies in this area, and to see writers do a better job of education toward ending such cycles.

Meanwhile, take extra care of those you love in tough times...and get counseling when things get rough.

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